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About Marketing Journal

Marketing Journal is the ultimate A to Z when it comes to online marketing. Our team has compiled infographics, articles and case studies about SEO and online marketing. And, to keep you up-to-date with the latest marketing trends around the globe, we bring to you the freshest marketing news. Marketing Journal has everything that you need – from marketing to SEO to search engine algorithms and much more.

Our Team

John Vuong, the president and founder of Local SEO Search, is the man behind Marketing Journal. John leads the team of SEO experts, marketers and content managers that comprise Marketing Journal. To provide you with information-rich articles and case studies, we have teamed up with top professionals and experts in the industry who want to share their knowledge with others.

Bryan Cinco, SEO Manager of Local SEO Search, is a man that has passion for Internet Marketing. In fact he is the Co-founder of Manila Channel and the creator of, one of the popular map-based business listings in the Philippines.

Aika Villaflores, Also an SEO Specialist, is from Cebu, Philippines. She is a Link Builder and a Blogger and currently monitors the SEO patterns of many Canadian clients. Her specialties are legal sites, home improvement specialties and e-commerce sites.

Our Goals

Our aim is to help you increase your online marketing and SEO knowledge and skills by regularly posting informative content. By reading our articles, beginners can get a good grasp of the field. On the other hand, it can also help professionals and experts to gain more knowledge which they can use to refine their online marketing campaigns.

If you want to get a full understanding about online marketing and SEO then you’ve come to the right place.