Level Up Your Brand with Augmented Reality Games

Brands are always finding the next best idea to widen their reach to the market. They will try new things, new ways, and new methods, new anything, to get that edge over their competitors. So, why not cast your magnifying glass over to augmented reality games?

Augmented reality games are the newest thing that ever happened ever since everybody wanted to go digital in the Philippines. These games are also the newest form of immersive media that goes beyond what you would expect to an attraction during an event. How they work is very interesting.

Similar to Kinect games in the Philippines, they create a whole new virtual environment within a screen with you as the controller. A camera then creates a feed and transfer the image on the screen making it look as if you are part of the environment. Check out the video sample below.



This allows an immersive moment for each user’s experience. Though the setup is comparably the same on each of them, the reaction of each user is not. This enables the user to create a lasting impression and memory, making it easier to recall and relate to the brand, creating a more personal experience for each person. Plus, it’s fun! Who doesn’t like a game with prizes?

So, got a game in mind? Great! Let the games begin!

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