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5 Essential Tips to Manage Employees during the New Normal

In response to the current health crisis, many businesses have turned to letting employees work remotely. It’s a great way to keep employees productive, but it has its challenges, particularly with employees more used to working from an office and working with coworkers in person. Most business will have to make a few changes to cope with these changes and maintain productivity on the job. Here are a few tips that can keep employees engaged and morale high as we adjust to the new normal together. 

1. Establish clear policy

Thanks to the pandemic, many businesses have had to update their policies to adapt to all the new changes. Clear direction is key to helping employees make the most of their time and maintain professionalism on the clock. Provide guidelines on proper use of company equipment and outline your expectations for employee responsiveness. Last of all, make sure these policies are easily accessible for employees so they can look up policy when necessary. 

2. Offer flexibility

The pandemic has changed life for everyone, and that often extends to personal circumstances. Many employees currently have to look after children at home thanks to schools being closed, or have to deal with sick relatives. Be sensitive and keep these circumstances in mind when they interrupt employees’ ability to work. Offer more flexible hours to help employees attain a more stable work-life balance and improve the quality of their work. This approach helps employees find a more “optimal” time to work, and avoid distractions when other obligations need their attention.

3. Improve communications

Maintaining communication between teams is more important than ever, so consider setting specific times for employees to be available for calls and meetings. Virtual team meetings and chats are a great way to help your workers feel like part of a team. It’s crucial you check in with workers regularly, both to check up on their progress, and to make them feel valuable. Isolation can often affect employee engagement, so take the opportunity to set clear goals and targets where applicable. 

4. Focus on using video

Calls are a great way to stay in contact, but prioritize using video when discussing vital matters. Video calls are a more effective resource for maintaining the human element in conversation and fighting feelings of isolation. A great degree of communication is nonverbal, and a video call is a great way to capture that element when speaking with employees. Look into video chatting solutions to find a convenient method for keeping in touch with your colleagues.

5. Build a good rapport

When you’re in an office, it’s much easier to find a few moments to chat with coworkers and build a rapport. It’s much harder to do so with remote employees, but there are ways to make it work. Spend a little more time on one-on-one chats to build a connection with your employees and get to know them as more than workers. Ask about their hobbies, aspirations, and interests to get to know thema  little better and forge a deeper relationship. Something as simple as asking about an employee’s weekend can do much to make them more comfortable around you and get them more engaged with work.

Thanks to the pandemic, many businesses have had to make some changes to the way they do business. Remote working is a good solution to many of those problems, but a few changes are needed to make the most of it. Keep these tips in mind to help keep employee engagement and morale high as you move forward.

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