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5 Medical Marketing Ideas for Physiotherapists & Dentists


Marketing is a crucial element for any business, and that includes clinics. Good marketing lets potential patients know you’re there for them, and tells them how to find you. It’s never too late to start building up your marketing to reach out to potential clients, so here are a few helpful ideas that can attract some new patients.

1. Market consistently all year-round

Medical emergencies have a tendency to show up at the worst possible times, be it a sudden toothache or a flare up of back pain. One thing that can help patients when troubles strike is knowing there’s a clinic out there that can help. Consistent marketing is key to generating a steady stream of leads (and new patients with them). Marketing all year-round is key to keeping your practice in the minds of your patients. Whenever a medical emergency rears its ugly head, you’ll be the one the turn to for help.

2. Focus on local SEO

Search engine optimization, specifically for the local area, is key to getting noticed by nearby patients. Good SEO helps you rank for relevant keywords for your business (e.g. back pain and root canal), but it’s vital you remember your local keywords as well. Your business benefits more from targeting patients in your local area. Clinics based in North York, to name one example, should include that keyword in their content to help attract the right kind of patient.


3. Get involved with your local community

Dental and physiotherapy clinics are local businesses, and you’ll need your community to provide patients. One way to attract more patients is getting involved in the community. Try attending local festivals and events, or sponsor a little league sports team to do something for your neighbours. These events are a golden opportunity to build some relationships in person and generate goodwill. You can also make arrangements with local schools to teach some classes on relevant subjects like dental hygiene or getting quality sleep. These ideas are a great way to build a foundation for your relationships with others in the community. It’s a good way to do some easy word-of-mouth marketing, so take the chance to do a little more.


4. Build a strong website

Your site is the first thing most potential clients will notice about your clinic, so take some time to optimize yours. A professional, well-designed site is key to making a good first impression with the people you want patronizing your clinic. Go through your site to test how easy it is to navigate. Creating internal links is an effective method for navigating from one related page to another. You can also redesign your site for greater mobile-friendliness. More and more clients use mobile devices to search for essential services, especially in case of a medical emergency.

5. Create quality content

One form marketing can take is quality content answering simple questions your patients may have. For example, some people may be looking for better brushing tips or tips to help prevent back pain, and it can be a big help to provide some easy answers for them. Content can come in various forms, from videos to blog posts, so choose whichever method allows you to churn out more and high-quality content. Think of your content as a way to generate some extra goodwill among your clients that can easily convert into more visits.

Clinics could always use a good marketing strategy to help attract more patients. Keep these tips in mind to help strengthen your approach to marketing and bring in more patients for your practice.

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