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Best Business Ideas During and After The Pandemic


The coronavirus disease pandemic has taken a toll on economies across the globe. As the crisis continues, businesses are forced to adapt or evolve in order to survive. Business owners must anticipate the shift in consumer behaviour. There’s now a growing hesitation in consumers to step out and shop and this can greatly affect long-established buyer journeys.

With these changes, online businesses are becoming a widely accepted trend. If you wish to venture into a new business that is certain to remain relevant during and after the Covid-19 pandemic, we’ve got some ideas for you.

1. Online Consultancy Business
Do you have any skill that you want to teach others? You might want to monetize it by setting up a home-based consultancy business. The internet provides tons of platforms where you can connect with clients and offer your services to them.

Here are some examples of online consultancy ideas:

  • Online fitness coaching
  • Music classes (one-on-one or virtual classroom setting)
  • Nutritionist/dietitian consultancy
  • Photography classes
  • Digital marketing consultancy

During and after the lockdown, people may have doubts going out and signing up for face-to-face classes due to risks of infection (plus, today is an ideal time to learn a new skill). So leverage this opportunity to build an online business and teach others what you know.

2. Professional Online Classes
The education of millions of learners all over the world is disrupted during this pandemic, and educational institutions are scrambling for ways to deliver learning effectively. This makes online tutoring classes integral in the present time.

If you’re a teacher or a professional in your industry and online tutorials might be something you can do, grab this opportunity. Start up by setting up your virtual classroom and create online study materials for your students.

3. Set Up a Delivery Business

In addition to online tutoring classes, online delivery business is also on the rise at this point as more and more consumers are leaning towards virtual shopping. This trend will spill over even after the pandemic.

Start off by delivering goods and services in your area. You can start delivering products like:

  • Groceries
  • Baked goods
  • Hygiene products
  • Medicines
  • Other daily essentials

4. Create a Freelance Marketplace
You can also build a platform where talented freelancers and employers can get connected and work together. Start by gathering people within your network and introducing them to one another. Through the platform, you can also provide learning resources for freelancers so they can sharpen their knowledge and skills, increasing their chances of getting hired.

5. Remote Healthcare Consultancy

Online healthcare is vital now more than ever. People need to avail consultation services of their doctors without fearing for infection. That’s why it’s important for healthcare experts to encourage their patients to stay healthy without heading out. If you are a doctor or dentist, consider offering your services through chat, email, or video call, or you can create your own healthcare app.

6. Sell Handcrafted Goods
If you’re into creating DIY soap, sauces, or pottery, you can make a business out of them. Start off by operating on a pre-order basis or accepting small batches of orders until there’s a steady flow of orders coming your way.

Set up your business page on Facebook or Instagram. Post information about your products and accommodate order through chat.

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