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Business Ideas Worth Investing During Coronavirus Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has completely disrupted the economic landscape and changed customers’ behaviour. Non-essential stores have temporarily closed and unpreceded number of customers are purchasing online. The pandemic does not seem to be improving any time soon, many business owners are forced to act and respond quickly to survive and stay afloat

However, amidst all the chaos brought about by the pandemic, technology has turned out to be a solution for many entrepreneurs, allowing them to reach out and serve customers during these critical times. If you are looking to invest in a new venture, we have outlined a few business ideas that will surely thrive amidst the COVID-19 crisis.

  • Cleaning Services – The exponential transmission of the coronavirus has instilled fear to millions of people around the world. It should not come as a surprise that professional cleaning services are in high demand during the pandemic. Many establishments, such as grocery stores, offices, restaurants, and homes, need to be sanitized to prevent transmission within the establishment.
  • Food Delivery – After the government has enforced lockdown, many non-essential businesses, such as restaurants, had to stop their operation. Waiting for the situation to return to normal may not seem a good option as restaurant businesses can lose thousands in sales. Offering online delivery can help survive your business, as more customers choose to order online to avoid the transmission of coronavirus. Simply launch a food delivery app so that customers will only have to place their orders online and have their food delivered to their homes. 
  • Online Education App – Many educational institutions have closed and shifted to online learning programs. Due to the pandemic and closure of educational institutions, online education app downloads have increased nearly by 300% since March 2020. 
  • Liquor and Wine Stores – Although some bars are back in business, many people are still afraid of going out and prefer to stay at home and stock up liquor and wine. Ever since the outbreak, the sales in local liquor and wine shops have dramatically increased. Some people do not only purchase liquor for consumption but also to make hand sanitizers. 
  • Fitness Equipment and Program – People need to take care of their health and stay fit, especially during the coronavirus outbreak. With the strict enforcement of social distancing and stay-at-home order mandated in almost every country, gyms have to temporarily shut their doors while people are stuck at home. However, the pandemic is not an excuse to slack off. Many people can purchase basic training equipment, such as dumbbells, jump ropes, and mats, to train at home. In addition to selling fitness training equipment and products, fitness programs also sell like hotcakes:

→ Training video courses

→ Online workout programs

→ Coaching services

→ Nutrition and diet programs

Healthcare Consultation – Providing remote health care during the quarantine period helps control the impact of the outbreak. During the pandemic, online health care can be considered as a legacy that helps fight COVID-19. It enables healthcare professionals to provide remote care and treatment to patients in need of medical help, without stepping outside their homes. Using your branded online healthcare app, you can reach patients and offer them the best possible solutions digitally.

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