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Convince Customers To Make A Purchase With These Conversion Rate Optimization Tricks

A company’s website is an incredible avenue for it to attract traffic. However, no amount of traffic matters if it does not lead to sales. However, a company’s website should not mainly focus on getting attention but how to turn site visitors into customers. Better yet, to repeat customers. Turning as many visitors to the site to customers is the ultimate aim of a website and should be its measure of success. Various practices and techniques can be utilized to optimize a site’s conversion rate.

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) has become the first item on the SEO guide list and rightly so. One way to improve CRO is to reduce the number of distractions on the site’s landing page. Many firms often think that by stocking their landing options with numerous options, the visitor will have more to choose from which will increase the chances of him/her turning into a customer. However, it is not the case. We often see pages with tens of menu options each with its submenu options and also links to social media platforms. Many of such options on landing pages often serve the function of being distractions.

By simplifying your landing page, you give a visitor a much more focused avenue. Moreover, each marketing tool on the site will then serve a clear and precise purpose leading to more decisive action on the visitor’s part. Reduce distractions on, and simplify the landing page for better conversion rates.

According to Convince and Convert, 4 out of 5 consumers use smartphones to shop. Also, 70 percent of mobile searches lead to online action within an hour. Given the above statistics, it is safe to say that mobile conversion optimization is a vital part of CRO. A company that improves its mobile application and website and usage will undoubtedly increase its chances of turning visitors into customers. Various practices can be used to better the mobile experience.

First, a company should ensure that their content is very visible on a mobile screen since they are smaller than PC screens. Better visibility with inviting images and easy to read material will lead to more customers.

They should also ensure faster load times. Cell network access times are slower and being a second or two faster makes a big difference in whether a site visitor will become a customer or not. Here’s an illustration showing why your site SHOULD have a faster load time:

Personalizing a website’s content would be a great way of ensuring increased conversion rates. A company should make sure that its content is relatable to the target market. The audience should feel as if as if they are the ones being spoken to through the website. Personalisation of content is, of course, easier said than done. If a visitor has a personal connection to the content on your site, the chances are that they will pay a lot more attention to the website. Personalized emails alone can increase conversion rates by ten percent according to Aberdeen.

Contrary to popular opinion, email marketing is very effective, more effective than social media in some cases. By sending personalized emails, using recipient’s real names, the site’s visitors will have a more personal experience. A company can also make use of location and demographic information to offer material tailor-made for a particular area. Providing information on deals that are within the recipient’s location, the site becomes a lot more relatable and in a sense, trustworthy giving it the feeling of a neighbourhood store.

According to CodeFuel, when videos are included in a personal email, click through rates doubled or tripled. That is, by all means, a very large improvement. Audio-visual marketing is by far, the most effective marketing techniques there is. Using videos on a company’s website grabs a user’s attention for longer than any other medium can.

One technique a company can utilize is making the video interactive. A creative interactive video especially one that can make a site visitor laugh can increase conversion rates multiple times. Every company has its target market and can create videos that will specifically target this group. This strategy ensures that a visitor who is on the cusp of making a purchase decision will automatically turn into a customer after watching the video. With the increase of smartphone usage in the globe, making video content that can easily be accessed through a mobile phone will go a long way.

Here’s an illustration showing why it’s important to make use of videos on your online marketing campaign:

Being data oriented is an optimal practice in conversion rate optimization. By being critical in data usage a company can be able to keep track of and have evidence of a variety of things. First and foremost, using various analytical tools such as Google Analytics, a firm can tell at what points visitors leave the site without making a purchase. Processes can then be streamlined from that point forward to have a higher conversion rate. Also, data can assist a firm single out and test various variables so that they can find out when and if they are useful in a visitor to customer conversion.

Useless aspects of the site can be discarded and important ones improved to improve conversion rates. Excellent data collection and usage can also be used to measure a website against the competition. The company can see how its website is regarding clicks to purchase and page load speed among other qualities. Data can be collected via surveys, analytics and tests. When everything’s well utilized it can turn into a gold mine and can undoubtedly lead to higher conversion rates.

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