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5 Magical strategies in Making Your Local Business in Toronto Very Popular


Marketing is like high school – popularity matters. This is because your marketing strategy can make or break your brand’s identity in Toronto which is why it is imperative that you do your very own research on what best suits your business and what could slow it down or even damage it.

To make it easier for you, here’s 5 magical marketing strategies to make you popular in Toronto.

1. Understanding the Trend


Probably the most common and most over looked strategy is understanding the market trends. Though it is true that you do need to understand your target market but if you overlook the trend that surrounds it, you would be shooting arrows blindly.

Research on what your targets are mostly talking about now and see how you can coil that to your favor. This way, you can always make sure that what you’re dishing out is super relevant to their lives. But this would still depend on your niche. If your niche is somehow a far stretch on what the trend is, you would then need to find a way to make them talk about it. Sponsored posts and hyper creative ideas are what sparks the curiosity of the market.

Flexibility is also key because the fact remains that trends come and go. Therefore, you would need to become the best chameleon you can be.

If you can’t beat the trend, brew one that can.

2. Targeting the soft spots


Emotions is one of the most used strategy the marketing world has ever discovered. This makes anything easier to relate to and understand compared to keeping it serious and straightforward.

Emotions allow people to tap into their own experiences and memories and morph any brand and rationalize it the way they feel it. Take real estate for example. A lot of people would see regular advertising for it to be too serious. To make it more approachable, marketing firms inject a sense of family into it by connecting a $ 1.5 million dollar studio-type condo unit to the sense of independence and pride, to which most of us can relate. The same goes for things like fashion and food. The most popular brands are able to harvest these emotions and turn them into sales.

3. Squeezing the juices out of the internet.

The internet is a free tool to use for your marketing strategy. It’s just sitting there waiting for you. But because of its broadness, you would need an expert to take care of it for you, most especially if you are still new to the concept of internet marketing.

Internet marketing entails being able to handle all sorts of online-based media. Examples are social media platforms and search engine optimization. These two alone could greatly help in making your business more popular in Toronto that it already is. This also reflects the market trends connected to your target market. With the 97% of the people nowadays who are always browsing on the internet, it shows that the average attention span of a human being when it comes to anything online is between 9 seconds to a minute – much like a goldfish, really. So, if you are able to captivate their attention for more than that, then it’s a win!

4. Going simple


Marketing overkill is gone. Gone are the days of people trying so hard in creating a concept to help rake in the sales. The best marketing minds are actually heading towards a simpler, more grounded approach. Even luxury brands are keeping it minimal.

The trick here is that the senses have less details to mind. The less the details and more specific they are, the better the absorption. Take a perfume brand for example. Though they can go ahead and go berserk with creative visuals and such, they would rather opt for a sleeker ad because it’s easy on the eyes and less details to think about to make sure that the target market is able to remember only the important stuff – the emotion of the fragrance and what the bottle looks like. The same goes for clothing brands, real estate, telecommunications and etc.

Less is more.

5. Creating Buzz


Now, you do not to create something controversial to do this. You just need something captivating enough to make people want more of what you’re selling. Start a promotion that would run for months to come. People love promos, always have and always will.

The logic behind it is that people always love to take risks. The human race, after all, were programmed that way. When there is a certain need or want, risks are always involved and you can capitalize on that.

There are just 4 parts on creating a successful promotion. (1) A prize that almost no one could say no to. (2) A good set of fool proof mechanics that will help decide on who wins. (3) A good study on how long it should last. Tip: The bigger the prize the relatively longer the duration of the promo before the grand draw. This is because the buzz created by the big prize will draw more people in and would entice them to send out multiple entries for more chances to win. But to take caution, don’t stretch it out too long as it can back fire and they would lose interest in it. (4) Making sure you can commit and deliver the prize on the expected date of delivery. Would you be happy to receive your brand new car 6 months after you were announced as the winner? I think not.

See? It’s so simple that it looks like magic! To know more, talk to us.

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