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Say Hello To Allo

The Future is Here with Allo and AI

Recently Google has announced its brand new messaging app which is called Allo. One of the main conveniences is that it has Google built right in. This app is designed to become available this summer and will be absolutely free on both Android and iOS devices. The result of this will be that Google’s other messaging app, Hangouts, will be able to work in concert with the new app. The communication division of Google really started from scratch in creating a new way for the masses to communicate with each other. This is a new more advanced text system with integrated AI qualities.

New Integrated Search

The interface of the app will be familiar to users, so there isn’t going to be a large learning curve. The difference is that Allo has Google search integrated into it completely. It will provide AI technology to read a text, see images and watch video coming through your messenger system. It will help predict and interpret how the user might reply which enhances the speed with which responses can be made. It is the next logical step in messaging apps. Right now you can pre- register for the app through Google Play Store. Clearly this app is going to be at the forefront in Trending News / Marketing for the next year as the technology becomes more available.

The Goal of Allo

This app is designed to allow communication to become easier and to be able to express yourself more clearly through text. It will help its users get things done, find vital information without having to leave your conversation, so business and personal conversations will have all the context that a Google search can provide.

Some Great Features

Allo also includes some innovative AI features that will change the way that you are communicating with others.
The Smart Reply will allow you to respond without typing a single word. It learns many of your most common responses to similar comments over time and offers them to you instantly. It will respond to texts, pictures instantly and keep your conversations going with no effort from you at all.
Ink is another great creative tool that allows you to send a picture by doodling on it. This will become the quickest and most convenient method for sending images to other people that have ever been devised.
There is also a new feature called Whisper Shout which makes typing in all capital letters unnecessary as you can manage this by simply speaking in a louder tone or by using a quick swipe of the finger.

Stickers are another feature of this app which is the next step in emojis. They are going to offer stickers which are exclusively designed by artists from all over the globe to express almost any thought or emotion completely.
Finally, there is something called Incognito Mode which provides complete encryption and private notifications will keep your messages protected from someone peeking over your shoulder.

What the Future Holds

The long-term effect of Allo is going to be a richer and more intensive chat experience on your phone. It is the natural progression in a format of communication that has become most preferred for most people all over the world. This will make texting a more valuable, deeper experience, which will inevitably lead to more AI technology in the near future.

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