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The Seven Most Effective Ways to Use the Internet to Market Your Event

When holding an event for a business, a charity, or throwing a personal function that you wish to gain a lot of exposure for, it is very important that you utilize the internet for its marketing power. It is free ( for the most part) and these days there are countless ways that you can use the internet to get the word out to people about your event or cause and truly maximize its exposure, as well as, your turnout rate.

Here is a list of some of the best ways that you can use the internet to get the word out and ensure that your event is a hit:

1. Send an invite via email to all relevant people in your network. Email invitations are among the fastest, most common, and certainly easiest ways to invite a large group of people to an event. The best part is that there is a ton of room for creativity to really draw people in ad stir up a buzz about the event from within the invitation.


It may be a good idea to include links to any online pages featuring the event within the body of the email as well. If you already have an account with them, or have the budget and means to set one up, consider using BombBomb video emailing service. It will allow you to send a personalized video, created by you, that will play within the email. According to the BombBomb.com website, video emails are extremely effective in getting your potential attendees interested in your event! They say that in a survey of results of Video Email versus Traditional Email, 81% Get More Replies! That’s a huge number.

2.Create a separate page on your website offering all the details of your event. This is a great idea because it will create exposure for the people that are already visiting your site but may not know about the event yet, while simultaneously boosting your SEO. You work hard to get visitors to your site, so you night as well use that traffic for all that it’s worth.

3. Blog about the event and ask other bloggers in the blogosphere to do so as well. Blogging is great way to really get in-depth about your event and what potential attendees can expect from all of your planning. Having others blog about it too is even better because it strengthens the authority when coming from an outside non-biased party.

4. Create a promotion on Facebook If you are unsure about how to create a promotion on Facebook, do not panic. Facebook has very helpful tips and guides that will walk you through the entire process from designing the promotion to choosing the targeting and selecting the budget for the promotion. Prior to writing the content for the promotion you may want to consider doing some research on the most successful campaigns for events like yours and how they were constructed. Facebook will also allow you to track the success of your promotion so that you will know what is and is not working about it and use that information for additional or future campaigns.

5. Create a board about events on Pinterest and use pins that link back to your event’s page to attract new attendees and draw up interest

6. If you are holding a fundraiser, create a Go Fund Me page, or alternative fundraising site, that is linked to your event to draw more interest in the cause. Many times a fundraiser will draw a large crowd but ultimately have disappointing bumpers in terms of the amount of funds raised. By setting up an online campaign somewhere like Go Fund Me, you enable people that are unable to attend the actual event to become educated about your cause and ultimately contribute to it if they like. This is a very inexpensive and effective way to raise money for the event itself too if you are in need of funds to produce a successful event.

7. Organize a Facebook contest in which you offer either a free ticket or a discount on the event price. This is a great tactic because it encourages people to become and stay engaged with the event and portraits it as something that everyone should want to go to or better yet, something that they would be lucky to attend. Remember, in the eyes of the beholder, perception is everything. Holding a contest that gives away a free ticket to the winner, gives off the perception that this event is going to be a hit. The added benefit is that you will also gain additional contacts to add to your database for any future events that you may want to hold and promote the event even further when you announce your winner.

If you would like to learn more about how to promote your event or get additional advice about event blogging, check out Marketing Journal by visiting tour event category “EVENT“. Their website is full of useful content about event marketing and blogging about events for increased success. Good Luck!

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