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The Best Thing To Do After Posting Your Event At Meetup.Com

What To Do After Posting Your Event At Meetup.Com

One enduring innovation of social media during this past decade is the meetup – a gathering of individuals impelled by a mutual interest who firstly meet and interrelate with each other online. The site was mainly responsible for this spectacle, and while a lot of social networking sites like Google and Yahoo feature various tools for offline meetings, the site remains the biggest single facilitator of offline meetings, and the foremost brands in the industry. Its user base is noteworthy, and its social tools such as desktop and mobile have fixed the standard for “Meetups” all over the net. With these dynamics in mind, the Meetup.com tool can be used as a very effective tool to achieve a number of crucial strategic business objectives.

As of August last year, the company allegedly had 22.77 million members in about 180 countries and almost 210,240 groups, even though these figures might include inactive groups and members.

Success Story Of Meetup.Com

Julia Kaganskiy, a former social media strategist, Digital Learning dept. Intern at MoMA as well as a community manager organizes the Arts, Culture, and Technology 1,300-member group. Kaganskiy held the first meet up almost two years ago in a bid to meet people in specific communities she planned to work in.

For the first event, Kaganskiy stated that she ran a majority of relaxed gathering since she wanted to know who would come. “I wanted to see the fields people were in and learn what they were interested in. I studied them and got the sense of what types of questions these people wanted to explore.”

After fourteen Meetups, Kaganskiy created every event with different themes or topics and invites a lot of top industry leaders to act as guest speakers. Occasionally, she invites some speakers to address the group for 30 minutes to keep the conversation up.

After Posting An Event On Meetup.Com

Users can have members of their school, business, societies or colleges, and create a group. There isn’t any restriction, so there can be any type of group created to organize gatherings and events accompanied by the group members. Likewise, users can form any group with potential clients and also invite them to dinners, trade fairs, etc. as part of their b2b meeting.

Users can also have galas, parties, and events at one click without the need to send outdated paper invitations or send text messages.

Let people know.

The first thing to follow after posting an event on meetup.com is to let others know about the existence of the event, and ask more individuals to join the group by liking on Facebook, or sharing the news by posting it on Facebook or perhaps tweeting about it. Social media is unarguably the best and cheapest medium to convey information and to reach a wider audience.

Blog about it.

Blogging is another popular medium that serves a similar purpose of promoting a Meetup event. Contact Marketing Journal to discuss your event and they can create a blogpost which promotes the event and gains more attention.

Incorporate photos.

Next, incorporate photos into the Meetup Organizer profile to encourage more people to attend. List the Meetup Group under a maximum of fifteen topics to ensure maximum visibility on all mediums.

Write a description about the event.

Then, write a precise description of the group and who should join and what they need to expect. Incorporate your Meetup Speaker bios as well as their online profiles onto the event page as this will increase the attendance.

Attach materials that people can use during the event.

Attach worksheets and handouts to your Group and ask that members come with them for use during the event. Follow up Meetup attendees online via their social networks after the Meetup and engage them as this will increase the probability of their participation in future Meetups.

An excellent example of a Meetup which was used to target a very narrow market is the New York City Gaming, and it was founded by serial entrepreneur, Mr. Brad Hargreaves. From his blog, he discussed building a Meetup Group which will bring game developers together from a lot of distinct industries in New York. The Meetup started in 2009 and met at a bar in Lower East Side. At the time, it had 55 to 75 attendees per week during the first ten months. He experimented with speakers, location, time, and themes and by the next year he could increase that number to well over 90 and begin to attract sponsors. Currently, the Group, now called the New York City Games Forum, has nearly 4,000 members, wider content, as well as regular sponsors. He successfully used it to innovate the gaming industry. It’s also given him PR –pieces from Business Insider as well as New York Convergence. New gaming firms have also been able to sample games with contributors and offer training at a cost (for some revenue) and for free (strengthen brand loyalty).

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