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It’s Time to Remove That Tree: Signs to Spot

Trees provide massive benefits to any property in Toronto. We can count on the lush foliage to provide a colourful backdrop for our homes, for shelter and natural shade from the harsh sun, privacy from neighbors, and for clean air for our lungs. Summing up all these benefits, planting trees all over the neighborhood is a wise step towards living green and healthy.

However, trees become less a refuge when they start becoming weak and unhealthy. Leading factors that cause a tree to become sick are typhoons and pest infestation. In extreme (and very likely) cases, these factors can damage a tree’s branches or split the trunk of a tree, which can endanger properties, vehicles, and people.

These instances can be avoided by spotting the warning signs of an unhealthy tree. Call the nearest arborist when your tree has the following symptoms:

1. Presence of deep cracks in the trunk – Trunk health reveals a lot about the well-being of a tree. To know if a tree is unhealthy by looking at the trunk, check for deep fissures and cavities that may develop at the trunk over time. Cracks are a manifestation of a deeper problem that may impact the stability of the tree.

2. Root damage – Heavily damaged roots are also a telltale sign that it’s time to remove a tree. Weak and decayed roots indicate that a tree is not firmly attached to the ground and might fall over if not removed right away. If you see spaces between the tree and the ground or if the tree is leaning to one side, it can mean that the roots are not strong enough to hold the tree in place.

3. New branches growing at the base of the tree – New branches growing at base of a tree may seem to indicate that the tree is growing healthy, but don’t be tricked. This could actually be a sign that the tree is distressed and, as a response, has produced tiny sprouts in random places. Excavation, soil compaction, and excessive sun exposure are some of the factors that can put a tree under stress.

4. The tree is growing in close proximity to man-made structures – If the tree is already encroaching on man-made structures (e.g. a tree planted beneath power lines is already growing into them), then you need to get an arborist to remove the tree before it gets meshed in the lines. Failure to remove the tree immediately might turn your property into a fire hazard. In the same manner, trees that encroach on homes also need to be removed. A large branch might snap off and may damage your property or worse, injure somebody inside.

If you’ve spotted these signs on a tree in your property, contact an arborist near you right away to prevent any accidents or disasters from happening early on. There are various companies that offer tree removal services in Toronto that you can contact as soon as possible. Rely on the professionals to deal with the unhealthy tree in a safe manner.

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