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Tuesday’s Multi-Lingual Cultural Exchange Blog

A new language helps you identify with and be drawn into new cultures. A different language will help you spend time and communicate with people from other countries, and, when visiting foreign places, it won’t just help you ask for directions. By speaking the native tongue, visitors can discover places and events most tourists never see. Understanding and speaking the language of the people around you reflects a respect for their culture, and may help you make new lifelong friends and associations.

Mundo Lingo Language Exchange

Every week, we hold a Tuesday Multilingual Cultural Exchange in Toronto. It’s located at 1915 Yonge Street at Kramer’s Bar. Kramer’s Bar is situated across from Davisville TTC Station. Mundo Lingo’s exchange takes place on the bar’s second floor. It’s an enjoyable, low-pressure way to share languages.

Verbal communication encourages cultural interaction. Language creates community. Since similar words originate from similar cultures, our lingual connections are more related than we might think. Similar languages are usually spoken in proximal geographical areas. By understanding and speaking another language, we gain a different perspective on the world and our surrounding environment. Moreover, knowing and speaking a new language gives us greater access to new places.


Once a week, Mundo Lingo Language Exchange assembles groups of people from many different countries. We spend time together and practice speaking a new language. Everyone is welcome to our Tuesday event. Upon arrival to Kramer’s Bar, immediately take the stairs. Find a table with flags and tell Mundo Lingo Language Exchange specialists which language you wish to speak, and they will get you started.

Mundo Lingo Language Exchange has small flag labels from more than 150 global regions and countries. Choose a banner with your native language, and the rest is easy. Mundo Lingo Language Exchange is open to every language and nationality, and you are free to converse on any topic of your choice.

Tuesday’s Multi-Lingual Cultural Exchange

Mundo Lingo holds our Language Exchange on Tuesdays, from 7-10 p.m. Although it is not compulsory to stay the whole three hours, beginners are recommended to arrive on time and reap the rewards of using the language in a casual setting.

If you’re interested in learning a second, third, or fourth language, contact Mundo Lingo Language Exchange today on Facebook (“Mundo Lingo Canada,” “Toronto Group,” “MundoLingo,” and “MundoLingoTO.”)

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