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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Google’s Mobile-Friendly Update

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Google’s Mobile-Friendly Update

Google is one of the biggest names on the Internet. Whenever they do an update or make a change, it has the potential to have an effect on millions of people. That is why fully understanding Google’s newest update is so important.

  1. The New Update Influences the Existing Algorithm

The most important part of this update is the fact that Google is putting out a mobile-friendly algorithm update. This is important because it can play a big role in the search results that mobile users are currently getting. This new algorithm is going to play a huge role in what results you are able to get when you are doing searches on your mobile device.

  1. E-Commerce Stores May Be Affected

Anytime a new algorithm is introduced, the ability of your store to show up in the search results may be affected. It is very important to study the new algorithm to find out if you need to make updates in order to ensure that your store will still show up on any searches that are done on mobile devices.

  1. There is an Easy Way to Check Site Compatibility

If you are concerned about whether your website will work properly with the new update, there is an easy way to check on this. Google has a website, which you can visit here, to check and see if your website will work properly or if it will need any changes. You will simply enter your website URL and it will provide you with the necessary information.


  1. The Role that Apps will Play

At this point in time, it is being suggested that apps will be positively affected by the new mobile-friendly update that Google is releasing. There has been some reports that apps may actually appear within normal searches as a possible search result. This can easily increase traffic and downloads for your personal app. While the full benefits will not be seen until after the update, this is something that is a very important benefit for many companies.

  1. What is Google’s Plan with the Update?

Google recognizes the increasing importance of being able to fully access the internet through mobile devices. Currently, Google is not fully taking advantage of these mobile devices. This update will position Google in a unique position that gives them better access to lead their competitors in this area and to potentially make Google a lot of money.

Whatever may come out of Google’s mobile-friendly update, there will definitely be some positive benefits for e-commerce companies. Learning everything about the Google algorithms and how it will affect your website is only one part of being successful with the changes and coming out ahead of your competitors.

The Most Important Google Ranking Factors You Should Focus On (3)

The Most Important Google Ranking Factors You Should Focus On

What Ingredients Make a Top Rated Google Search

There are a lot of factors involved when creating a website that is search engine optimized. How can a company make sure they are high in a search result when there are thousands of other companies trying to do the same? What can make your site stand out? SEO is not an easy business and can be incredibly frustrating. As Wendy Piersal said:


“Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first.” If that is true, how do you get people to love you? And how can you develop SEO at the same time?

The Most Important Google Ranking Factors You Should Focus On (1)
Falling Inlove

There are about 200 factors involved in SEO rankings in the Google Search Engine, and their optimization rankings change a few times a year, which means Google search results vary constantly. There are some major factors one should consider when trying to be SEO friendly. Let’s look at the different ingredients involved in SEO.

One of the most important elements in a web site being search optimized is backlinks. For over a decade this has been the most vital aspect of search optimization, and while Google is trying to develop other ways of evaluating sites, this continues to be one of the components that a company cannot neglect. Another key aspect of SEO websites is how worthy their articles are. Articles that are less valuable have to work more to gain views on Google, while those that are most jammed packed with important content will reach the top. Article length is almost just as important; the days when a 500 word article was enough to generate traffic is long gone. Make sure your content is lengthy and worthwhile.

Before focusing these things:

The Most Important Google Ranking Factors You Should Focus On (3)
New Google Important Factors

Positionly.com has a lot of important information related to what makes a site successful. There are on-page factors, site factors, off page factors and domain factors involved in SEO and they go into several elements in detail.

  • On-page factors include having the keyword in the title tag, a keyword in the description tag, and using keywords in copy. What hurts a site is duplicate content.
  • Site factors include a sitemap, domain trust, and server location.
  • Off page factors includes the number of linking domains, which are the number of other sites linking to you. This is key to success. Another is the diversity of link types.


Creating an optimized website, as one can see, involves a lot of elements at play that should be integrated to make one’s site enticing, both to viewers and to Google. It is like baking a cake, in a way. Without each ingredient, it just won’t be enticing and generate the kind of success that is needed. Each of these elements need to be considered when creating a site that is search engine optimized.

And, of course, being creative is highly important as well. Piersal is right; people must love you first. How do you create a following? Interesting, valuable content that is unique, with a creative twist.