5 Medical Marketing Ideas for Physiotherapists & Dentists

Marketing is a crucial element for any business, and that includes clinics. Good marketing lets potential patients know you’re there for them, and tells them how to find you. It’s never too late to start building up your marketing to reach out to potential clients, so here are a few helpful ideas that can attract some new patients.

1. Market consistently all year-round

Medical emergencies have a tendency to show up at the worst possible times, be it a sudden toothache or a flare up of back pain. One thing that can help patients when troubles strike is knowing there’s a clinic out there that can help. Consistent marketing is key to generating a steady stream of leads (and new patients with them). Marketing all year-round is key to keeping your practice in the minds of your patients. Whenever a medical emergency rears its ugly head, you’ll be the one the turn to for help.

2. Focus on local SEO

Search engine optimization, specifically for the local area, is key to getting noticed by nearby patients. Good SEO helps you rank for relevant keywords for your business (e.g. back pain and root canal), but it’s vital you remember your local keywords as well. Your business benefits more from targeting patients in your local area. Clinics based in North York, to name one example, should include that keyword in their content to help attract the right kind of patient.

Teach a class on a topic that’s relevant to you
Credit: NeONBRAND | Unsplash

3. Get involved with your local community

Dental and physiotherapy clinics are local businesses, and you’ll need your community to provide patients. One way to attract more patients is getting involved in the community. Try attending local festivals and events, or sponsor a little league sports team to do something for your neighbours. These events are a golden opportunity to build some relationships in person and generate goodwill. You can also make arrangements with local schools to teach some classes on relevant subjects like dental hygiene or getting quality sleep. These ideas are a great way to build a foundation for your relationships with others in the community. It’s a good way to do some easy word-of-mouth marketing, so take the chance to do a little more.

Update your website to draw in more traffic
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4. Build a strong website

Your site is the first thing most potential clients will notice about your clinic, so take some time to optimize yours. A professional, well-designed site is key to making a good first impression with the people you want patronizing your clinic. Go through your site to test how easy it is to navigate. Creating internal links is an effective method for navigating from one related page to another. You can also redesign your site for greater mobile-friendliness. More and more clients use mobile devices to search for essential services, especially in case of a medical emergency.

Create interesting, high-quality content to grab patients’ interest
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5. Create quality content

One form marketing can take is quality content answering simple questions your patients may have. For example, some people may be looking for better brushing tips or tips to help prevent back pain, and it can be a big help to provide some easy answers for them. Content can come in various forms, from videos to blog posts, so choose whichever method allows you to churn out more and high-quality content. Think of your content as a way to generate some extra goodwill among your clients that can easily convert into more visits.

Clinics could always use a good marketing strategy to help attract more patients. Keep these tips in mind to help strengthen your approach to marketing and bring in more patients for your practice.

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Outrageous Tips For Marketing a Mental Health Or Psychotherapy Private Practice

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10 Digital Marketing Strategies for 2019

Technology is constantly evolving and you need to keep up with the latest trends in order to be successful in digital marketing. Innovation opens up new opportunities. Your plan should evolve and grow with technology in order to stay a step ahead of your competition.

New digital marketing strategy are constantly evolving in this current era of technology and internet. Businesses need to adopt these techniques for them to flourish. What might have worked last year is not necessarily going to work this year.

Read below are the top 10 digital marketing strategies for 2019:

1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the impersonation of human intelligence by machines, especially computers. AI is slowly taking over the world. AI has become helpful by simplifying data-based experiences and improving user experience.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is one good example of a company utilizing AI. They have been able to optimize their services by using the messenger app. They have created a plug-in with the app that has bookings, check-in and flight status updates. Customers can access travel data from anywhere. The airline provides them with the information they need without complications.

Incorporating AI can save your business money and speed up growth.

2. Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR)

Businesses are taking advantage of mobile cameras to enhance the experience of their clientele. VR and AR enable you to enhance brand consultation and influence purchase decisions by bringing your products to life. By engaging customers in immersive adventure, they are more likely to find what they want and also enjoy themselves while doing so.

For example, Amazon set up VR booths around their annual Prime Day, enabling their customers to experience different products as they would in real life. This allowed buyers to picture themselves owning their desired products and greatly refined the customer experience.

If getting your clients to a given location is not possible, Augmented Reality has provided to be an amazing alternative by offering reach through integration with mobile apps.

3. Vertical Video.

Every man, woman and child has a mobile device these days. They are more than personal computers and TVs. This explains why mobile video ads are so popular. Shrewd digital marketing strategy are utilizing videos to engage their customers, especially on social media. The recent introduction of Instagram’s IGTV has validated the shift to more vertical videos. The success of IGTV indicates the transition to vertical videos online.

4. Social Messaging Apps.

Social messaging apps are increasingly being used for business purposes and not just for sending emoji’s. You may find this hard to believe but look at these statistics:

  • Facebook Messenger has 1.3 billion monthly users
  • Billions of messages are sent between people on Facebook Messenger
  • Whats-App has 1.3 billion monthly users
  • 55 billion messages are sent on Whats-App every day

Since most people are using these social messaging apps, it makes a lot of sense to market your company where the so many people are spending their time.

5. Visual Search

This is where a user uploads an image in order to conduct a specific search for it. Pinterest is one good example. They have a platform whereby their clients are able to take a photo of an item they want, find where to buy them online and also search for related items. Savvy marketers have integrated their businesses with platforms such as Pinterest to reach more customers.

6. Influence Marketing

This is a type of word-of-mouth marketing. They utilize influential people on social media, with large followings, to market their brand. These influencers are paid to drive your brand message to their large following. This is very effective because people trust consumer opinions. Businesses that hire influencers to market their products with are great reach and reward.

7. Video Marketing

Using videos in your digital marketing strategy is very important. Videos are not only eye catching, but also engaging.

  • Videos improve conversion rate by roughly 70%
  • It gives customers more confidence in online purchase decisions.
  • Consumers also share these brand videos

8. Voice Search

Use of voice search has become increasingly popular and smart companies are incorporating it in their digital marketing strategy. Marketers should come up with content that takes advantage of conversational platforms like Alexa and Siri.

9. Micro-Moments.

People spend hours on their smartphones every day. There is almost too much information to absorb online. Micro-moments involve delivering your marketing message to your consumers within a very small span of time before losing them. Companies can improve their chances of a conversion by coming up with short and interesting ads for their brands.

10. Personalization.

Personalized marketing mean you personalize content, products, emails etc. Thanks to technology we can understand so much about a customer, like purchase history, consumer behavior and links clicked. Coca cola did something simple with personalization. They created packaging that was personalized with the common names for people in a given region/country. It was a simple way to encourage purchasing.

This year stay ahead of the competition by improving your customer’s experience by incorporating the strategies outlined above to improve your conversion rate.

Why Content Marketing Services in Canada Are Vital

Why Content Marketing Services in Canada Are Vital


Content marketing services in Canada will help you in both of these areas. A professional company will show you what needs to be done within your content.

What you put on your website and blog is content. Better content helps you to rank better in the search engines. It also helps you to improve your conversion rates so you obtain more customers.

Learn About the Algorithms

The search engine algorithms are constantly evolving. It’s important to work with content marketing services in Canada to learn more about it all. Otherwise, you run the risk of having too high of a keyword density, not enough of the right keywords, or insufficient backlinks.

When you follow the algorithms, it allows you to rank higher. The search engine spiders will find the right information on your site and show you in a more impressive spot on a search engine results page.

Convert More Customers

You want customers to enter a sales funnel when they arrive on your website. The more information you provide, the easier it will be to convert website visitors into customers. This means knowing more about what they want and what they need. If you talk to them and give them the right information within all of the content, you push them further into the sales funnel until they make a purchase.

With the help of content marketing services in Canada, you can ensure that your content is achieving your goals.

Get a Better Return on Investment

Often, you write your own content. Then you rewrite your content because the initial content isn’t getting the job done. You could be wasting months trying to get it right. When you use content marketing services, you tap into the expertise of marketing professionals. You get the help you need to churn out quality content so that it converts your customers. Once consumers visit your website and don’t like what they see, you might never get them back. It’s why you have to focus on quality content from the very beginning.


Smart and Cost-Effective Ways to Promote A Website to Target Customers

How to Revive an Ailing Social Media Campaign


Running a social media campaign should be a snap, right? After all, you’re tapping into a form of engagement used by billions of people around the world and it’s pretty much free.

While this sounds great, the fact is that social media campaigns require careful planning and tracking to target the right audience among those billions of potential consumers. So, if you’re not seeing the expected results with one of your campaigns, here’s what you can do.

Make Sure You’re Targeting the Right Searchers

Whether you’re using organic or paid efforts, a successful social media campaign is one that’s directed at the right audience. Go back and consider who you are targeting and whether or not your campaign is likely to appeal to those particular searchers. Part of the problem may be that your intended audience is too broad and not defined enough.

Change Platforms

Just because “everybody” is using Facebook and Twitter doesn’t mean either of these platforms is right for your campaign. For instance, social media campaigns that are more visual in nature will likely perform better on visual platforms like Pinterest and Instagram. A B2B campaign would likely get more attention if LinkedIn is one of your platforms.

Run a Multi-Platform Campaign

You don’t have to put all of your eggs into one basket. If you’re not seeing results from a campaign limited to one platform consider a cross-platform campaign that includes the same message delivered in ways that are appropriate for each platform. Include links to your other social sites to allow multiple ways for visitors to stay engaged.

Experiment with Different Mediums and Tactics

The problem with your campaign may be the types of content you’re using. Mix things up and add relevant images and videos if it makes sense to do so. Video alone can increase engagement more than 50 percent over content with mostly text. Also consider making a contest part of your campaign or posting fun questions. People love excuses in order to participate via social media.

Before you start tinkering with a social media campaigns, make sure it’s really in need of resuscitation. It can take several weeks to get a strong following and direct the right kind of attention to your social media efforts. However, if you’re still not seeing results after waiting patiently, then dig a little deeper into your stats to see what’s going on and consider some of the tips mentioned here.

Internet Marketing Ideas that Make Tons of Sales During Holiday Season

One of the challenges that Internet marketers usually face is a lack of enough traffic to their e-commerce stores. So how can online marketers increase the traffic visiting their e-commerce stores? First of all, internet marketers need to know that they are facing competition from other internet marketers. Every e-commerce business is looking forward to having the most sales leads or the most traffic.

Below are some of the best internet marketing ideas in Canada that every online marketer should try if he/she wants to be successful.

  1. Search Engine Optimization

This is a key to success for online marketers. Online marketers should make sure that they can be found easily on the internet. They should learn how to use the right keywords and where to place them. Keywords play a major role in search engines.

It is advisable that online marketers use long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords will make your website unique from the others. Thus consumers will easily find your website on search engines. To get an upper hand, you can use external links to other websites. It is critical to ensure that your name, telephone number and address appear on your website, and customers can easily see them.

  1. Email Marketing

Sending emails to your customers and potential buyers are very important as this will keep them informed about your business. When sending these emails, ensure that you list the offers, discounts, and any other interesting information. Such emails may lure customers and potential customers to buy your products.

You can simply track if your emails are being read or not using an email marketing software. Check your emails regularly to see if there is any reply. It is important that your emails have the option to unsubscribe since some people may not be interested in them anymore.

Mailchimp is one of the amazing email campaign platform that can be used for high conversion email marketing. It has a unique capability to add email list from CMS platform like WordPress and the like. It can also monitor the emails opened or clicked towards to your target website or promotion.

Here is a video how the Mailchimp works:

Hope you learn from the video above, it’s so detailed bro/sis!

  1. Online Advertising

Internet marketers can simply purchase space for their banner ads or promotional messages. You can purchase spaces for your ads and promotional messages on advertising networks, search engine result pages, and social networking pages.

Online advertising is usually paid according to the number of visitors, the number of views and the number of clicks. This is one of the best methods internet markers should use if they want to attract a large traffic. You can use software to see which advertising platform is converting most visitors into your customers.

Here are the list of effective Online Ads provider these days:

a. Adwords
b. Facebook Boost
c. Taboola

  1. Use Wikis

Wikis allows online marketers to connect with other people online to create and edit content using either free or paid software. Wikis are usually important to internet marketers as they can develop team-based content and preserve useful documents with different people. Wikis are commonly used in corporate intranets, knowledge management system, and community websites.

  1. Social Networking

Social networks can help internet marketers build a network of contacts whom he/she converts to customers. Social networking allows internet marketers to engage with their clients, thus giving them a chance to persuade customers.


Internet marketers can search for keywords that are related to their products on most networks to find questions that they can respond to. By doing this, they are gaining more exposure on the social network. Statistics show that the number of followers, friends, and fans you have on social networks increase the impact you have on search engine ranking.

  1. Photo and Video Sharing

Graph Internet Maketing

Internet marketers can use photo and video sharing websites to promote their brands online. Internet marketers can take advantage of such websites to drive traffic to their sites. They should only post photos and videos that display useful information regarding their products. By posting videos and photos regarding your brand, your customers may stay loyal to you, and you can also generate new customers. Your photos and videos should be able to capture your clients’ attention. Just like John Jantsch said, “Create something people want to share”.

  1. Podcasting

This is simply sharing video and audio files through a mobile application or online. Podcasting does not require internet access, and podcast files can be simply downloaded and stored on computers, smartphones or portable media players.

Internet marketers can take advantage of podcasts to promote their products and even provide tutorials regarding their products. For corporate marketers, podcasting is just a low-hanging fruit.

  1. Webinars

Internet marketers can use webinars to promote their products through live online presentations. Internet marketers should simply have a webinar software that allows their computer screens to be shared with their audience.


Internet marketers can use webinars to launch new products, present live demonstrations regarding their products and get immediate feedback from clients.

The paradox about internet marketing is that the more info you give away, the more people will buy what you have to give them.

Social Media + Video is one of the amazing campaign these days and it’s very effective in terms of creating engagement and converting them to sales.

Below is one of the example of Concealed Holster made by FREMA that after having videos that explain about the following:

1. History of the Product
2. About the Inventor
3. Usage and purpose
4. How to use
5. and the Impact to the user

It created a massive attention to the target market (People that love guns) and were converted to sales.

Amazing Video and Social Media Campaign

The above graph is a post on Facebook that was boosted for $1 per day and was able to be converted into 7-10 item sales per week which is a good ROI for a advertisement.

This is the video posted on Youtube and shared on Facebook.

If you have questions about this post, kindly comment or email me at [email protected] or skype me at cincobr. I would be happy to answer them for you.

Christmas Business

Christmas Season Business Ideas Trending in Toronto With Proven Results from Entrepreneurs

At a time when everyone wants to have the best holiday shopping season, it is good to know there are many great Christmas business ideas out there. For instance, the Christmas business season for 2016 is expected to break new records for entrepreneurs in Toronto, say retail and online merchandising experts. In fact, the view from most retail and e-commerce sellers is big business in Canada and other regions of North America will be linked by processing more merchandise for shoppers online this next holiday season. For instance, most retailers are planning “free Christmas shipping” to compete with retail sales deals.

Out of the box

Great Business Ideas Outside The Box

 Another aspect of Christmas season business promotion is linked to moving holiday items that are not selling in traditional retail brick or mortar shops or online. In turn, there are many ways for merchants to drive profits during the holiday season. For example, according to Christmas season related business reports from The New York Times, there are always for entrepreneurs living in Toronto and other big cities to “resell, recycle or donate” holiday merchandise that doesn’t sell rejects and items that are not moving as hoped.

The Times reported during the Christmas season in 2015, that the National Retail Federation predicted some $280 billion in “returned merchandise”. The federation noted that a majority of the returned items were being re-processed for new wholesaler and liquidator markets in the US and Canada. The Times also noted that retailers had “raised $80 million in funding from Silicon Valley investors” to help promote Christmas season business ideas.


Toronto Is Ready For Big Christmas Business

According to a recent small business report in the Toronto Star, there is always a “staffing challenge” during the busy holiday shopping season that entrepreneurs should be aware and prepared for to keep profits steady. The Toronto Star reported that “cyber security” will be a key issue during the annual Christmas shopping season with some businesses avoiding hacks and others being crippled by cybersecurity woes. The best advice for business entrepreneurs in the Toronto region is to “get smart now before the holiday rush to secure all websites taking customer sales orders.”

 The Toronto Star’s cybersecurity tips include:

 – Know the enemy and understand that any business in Toronto or worldwide is a likely target for hackers; while taking precautions is the best solution.

 – Educate customers about ways and means to remain protected on mobile platforms; while also providing assurance that one’s business website is “safe and secure.”

 – Brief online customers that the web page or mobile platform connection they are using to order Christmas merchandise has the advantage of state-of-the-art security features.

In general, the National Technology Officer of Microsoft Canada told the Toronto Star that “the best way to avoid mobile attacks is by taking advantage of security features available on a device.” This includes regular reminders from business owners about keeping Internet security issues relevant by always addressed issues before an attack because “after a hack it is usually too late to convince the customer that the site is safe.”

trending online

Holiday season business ideas trending online

There are many practical business ideas featured online. However, it is a savvy minded entrepreneur that can translate common sense ideas into real business growth both online and in the traditional brick and mortar setting. While the view “if everyone could do it, everyone would be making lots of money” states the obvious about the difficulty in becoming successful, there is no need to re-invent the wheel because there are lots and lots of ways to earn money during the Christmas buying season.

For example, a longtime entrepreneur shared online about “earning big bucks on sales commission from affiliate marketing ventures during the holiday season.” However, the entrepreneur failed to explain “details” on just how to earn cash during the Christmas buying season. The result is a college business textbook overview that states how “sales of Christmas items are usually based on offering traditional or sale items.” In other words, there is hard data that holiday shoppers still want traditional Christmas decorations, gift items and any of these when there is a sale.”

Joy To The Retail World

There is a lot of joy for Christmas-minded entrepreneurs who do diligence and research their local market first before sorting out a proper business plan for selling during the holiday season. This planning is all-important in the Toronto region where a diverse customer base is linked to a wide variety of Christmas gift desires; while offering the customer what they want is the first rule of good business.