Effective Client Testimonials for Lawyer Marketing

Effective Client Testimonials for Lawyer Marketing

Businesses need to prove to their clients how competent and reputable they are to gain new business and emerge strong in the competition. The same holds true for law firms. Along with building a well-designed, informative, and functional website, publishing legitimate client testimonials is a vital strategy in driving site traffic.

Why Do Testimonials Matter?

Client testimonials deliver a huge difference to your law firm in terms of establishing social proof. Testimonials are an unbiased source of opinion and they strongly show how others trust your services, therefore enforcing your credibility.

Properly worded, riveting testimonials also connect with prospect clients on an emotional level. This boosts your chances of earning their curiosity. Good testimonials make a good story. Additionally, it allows potential clients to see your track record of winning cases, giving them incentive to entrust their lawsuit to you.

How to Ask for Quality Client Testimonials

Persuasive testimonials carry greater weight than other marketing copy
Persuasive testimonials carry greater weight than other marketing copy

There’s no other way to acquire testimonials from your clients but by asking them. Satisfied clients will gladly oblige your request and they’ll most likely allow you to share them with others. When asking for testimonials, provide your clients with a framework so they’d know what to say.

Ask them clear and specific questions. When posed at a proper angle, questions prompt ideas in a client’s mind, leading them to write a useful testimonial for your firm.

Here are some examples of questions you can ask your clients:

● What was your main concern around your legal matter before deciding to hire our firm? How satisfied were you with the resolution provided?

● What makes you value the relationship you’ve built with our firm?

● Describe your experience working with our firm. How will you compare it with other lawyer/s you’ve worked with in the past?

● If you were to recommend our firm to someone, how would you describe us?

If you pay attention to the line of questioning, you will notice they allow for comparison and superlatives. They also allow the client to describe the nature of the professional relationship. The final question also makes it easy for the client to express how pleased they are to refer your firm to their peers.

Managing Testimonials

Do not force clients to provide a testimonial if they prefer not to. Simply tell them how much you would appreciate any kind of feedback, whether positive or negative.

Once you have all the testimonials, sift through them and only use those that are aligned with your goals. For instance, you might only want to include testimonials that show how your law firm is responsive, cost-effective, and properly managed.

Prior to publishing them on your website, make sure to edit the testimonials for length and clarity. Give your clients one last look of the testimonials to ensure they are satisfied with the accuracy of the statements. In addition to website use, you can repurpose the testimonials for your other marketing assets. Social media messages, advertisements, and landing pages could use some good testimonials to pique the attention of the readers. Take advantage of them in establishing your credibility and boosting your reputation across appropriate channels.

In a digital-driven age where people turn online to decide on which service to use, it’s important even for law firms to post reliable reviews and testimonials. They’re the modern word of mouth. Clients are bombarded with a barrage of options online and it would be difficult for them to see why they have to choose you in a sea of law firms. But with credible testimonials, you can stand out and increase your chances of getting chosen by your target clients.

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