10 Real Estate Social Media Tips to Step Up Your Marketing Game in 2020

10 Real Estate Social Media Tips to Step Up Your Marketing Game in 2020

Social media marketing is a big part of what makes the estate business go round. As a realtor, it’s vital you build trust in your client base to help you close sales and give your clients what they need. Used correctly, social media can be a major lead generator for many businesses. Here are some strategies to help you maximize your efficiency and get better results: Read more

Internet marketing can effectively attract clients to your business website.

6 Real Estate Marketing Ideas for Brokers and Agencies in 2020

Every real estate agent’s challenge is to capture new leads. To be successful in this competitive industry, agents must possess the ability to turn prospects into buyers. There are several techniques to draw in leads, but not all of them will be effective and will offer you your desired outcomes. If you want to reap the intended results in 2020, you need to set your sights on the proven and tested strategies. Keep in step with the methods and practices that most goal-crushing real estate agents are using. Read more

Top SEO Tips for Property Management Companies

Top SEO Tips for Property Management Companies

When thinking of how to attract clients, it helps to look into online marketing. Most potential clients these days rely on the Internet to search for service providers. It’s important to know how to optimize your website to attract more traffic. Excellence at providing property management services is a significant part of the job, but making yourself available online to reach your market is also essential.

Consider adopting SEO strategies to complete your marketing efforts, and use the following tips to make your website more accessible for your client base:

● Choose appropriate keywords. Knowing which exact keywords you need to attract your clients to your website is crucial. Users looking for property management services for commercial sites will likely search for terms like “commercial property management”. Use those words yourself so your website appears on the search results. Insert keywords like these naturally into the content.


● Keep your focus on local SEO. Prospective tenants will look at local listings when searching for places to live. Focusing your keyword list to include local keywords will make your website more relevant to your target market. Use third-party sources (e.g. Google+, Yelp, or Facebook) to give your business more exposure. Google scans relevant sites to get a better understanding of your business and get better results. Create a business profile on those sites and keep all the data up-to-date so your business is easier to find.

Top SEO Tips for Property Management Companies

● Use relevant links. Relevant links to and from other websites make your own more credible. Your site will look more attractive and respectable to search engines by showing how you relate to the location and industry. The links you use should be relevant to property management and similar fields. Search engines can detect whether your links are relevant to your business, and will punish you by lowering your rank if they are not.

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● Use social media. Social media can help you establish a greater presence online and provide you with free advertising in your own community. Share property photos, discounts, promotions, and updates to provide more information for your client base. Social media also lets you engage more directly with your clients to better serve their needs.

● Provide quality content. When creating content, create it for your clients, not a search engine. The content you release should show you as an authority on property management to entice clients to use your services. This makes it easier for tenants to prioritize your properties when looking for any apartments. Add new content regularly. This helps keep your website fresh and up-to-date with any developments, presenting visitors with a vibrant place to visit.

● Optimize your pages. Every page on your website can be used to attract more potential clients. Keep your URLs short and concise to make it easier for search engines to understand what the pages are about. Pay attention to your pages’ crawlability; search engine spiders crawl through the text and follow links to inspect the quality of your site. Remove roadblocks like broken links to make visits more convenient for visitors. Make your pages mobile-friendly for the benefit of visitors using mobile devices (e.g. smartphones and tablets).