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The Importance of Plumbing Business Marketing in 2020

Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Plumbing Business

Like any other business venture, the profitability of a plumbing business depends on a steady flow of work orders coming through their phones. Integral to the success of plumbing businesses is developing strategies to draw in new customers. However, in today’s marketplace, what are effective practices plumbing professionals can take to earn new business?

Plumbing companies can conduct various activities to find and attract new customers. But not all methods are likely to produce the same results for every business that does them. That’s why it’s essential for every plumber to evaluate which efforts can potentially deliver the biggest difference to their business. If you’re new to this game, you might not know how to get started.

If you’ve just dipped your toes in small business marketing, this article can give you a general understanding of the importance of marketing specifically for plumbing businesses.

The Benefits of Marketing in Growing Your Plumbing Business

Marketing involves the sale and promotion of a product or service. Advertisements placed on a billboard or newspaper is considered part of your marketing efforts. But nowadays, marketing has evolved from merely being displayed ads to the manner you present or project your company/brand.

This means anything you use for your company identity such as your business card, office signage, and email signature are all your marketing assets. In a nutshell, all touchpoints that stand between your business and your target market are a vehicle for marketing.

When executed correctly, successful marketing can be a catalyst for the growth of any business. But this success can be spoiled if a company pours its budget on wrong, mistargeted, or poorly executed campaigns. To prevent this from happening (and save you hundreds of dollars), small businesses need to carefully plan their marketing strategies before shelling out a single product to bet on its success.

Marketing plans and strategies can take on various formats, and this can vary from one plumbing company to another. There’s no universal approach in creating a marketing plan, but success-oriented businesses tailor their plans around these steps:

● Identify your target customers

Round up a list of characteristics your ideal customers possess as well as the pain points they usually encounter.

● Evaluate your current situation

Assess your existing marketing efforts and the impact they have on your business.

● Flesh out your marketing goals and objectives

Define and be clear about what you hope to achieve with your marketing efforts

● Determine your channels

Identify and research which marketing channels can be best used to bridge your target customers with your brand. Below are some marketing channels you should prioritize for 2020:

1. Pay-per-click marketing
2. Social media
3. Your website
4. Email marketing
5. Content and SEO marketing
6. Word of mouth marketing

Take time to test them out before investing in them. See which channels work best for you to be able to determine your ideal marketing mix. Learn how to leverage them best and they will definitely pay off.

● Set your budget

Taking into consideration your current and future financials, determine a fixed monthly budget you’re willing to spend on your marketing efforts.

By nature, marketing goals are ever shifting. This requires your plumbing company to be flexible with your strategy as well. The key is to develop a marketing plan that helps fuel sustainable growth for your business. Make sure you’re on top and able to manage the growth trajectory your business is taking.

If you need expert advice on how to grow your business in a manageable way, you may want to consider a business development expert. They can help you create a realistic plan of action to grow your plumbing company steadily and sustainably.

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