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5 Ways to Develop Your Online Physiotherapy Marketing Strategy in 2020

Marketing has come a long way since billboards, leaflets, and TV ads. These days, it’s all about using online marketing to hit a larger number of people and find more qualified leads. In the case of physiotherapy, you can find plenty of ways to market yourself and bring in more patients to your practice. Here’s a list of ways you can improve your marketing and make yourself more visible.

1. Define your unique selling proposition

Before you begin, it’s important to analyze how your approach to physical therapy differs from your competitors. How you define yourself and your approach communicates how your practice is different (and better) than the competition.

For example, if you’re the only therapist in the area that uses a specific method or technology, that can be something you can use to draw in more interested clients. Put this information front and centre of your website to demonstrate to visitors just what makes your practice special.

2. Market all year-round

One effective approach is to run your campaign for the whole year. It’s impossible to tell when an emergency can strike and a patient may need your services. Make yourself available round the clock to stay in potential patients’ minds all year-round just in case. Consistent physical therapy marketing is key to staying in the public consciousness. For example, releasing regular updates on a blog can be a good way to remind patients that you’re active and, more importantly, there when they need you.

3. Overhaul your website

Your website makes an impression on your visitors, so design matters. Many people might visit a site, but that’s only half the battle. It’s vital your website look professional, clean, and organized to make a good first impression and help convert those visitors into paying clients. Take a good look at your website and optimize it for improved user experience. One critical element is mobile-friendliness; many potential clients search on mobile devices, so it’s prudent to design a website compatible with the size of their screens.

4. Use search engine optimization

For many people, search engines are the go-to option for finding the things they need. It’s vital you optimize your website to make it easier for Google to find when your qualified leads are shopping around for physical therapists in the area. As a start, scatter relevant keywords in your content (for example, “physical therapy in Toronto”). Including the right keywords can be a major factor in getting the right attention from potential patients.

5. Create high-quality blog content

Blogs can be effective tools for improving your search rankings and getting the attention of potential patients. Regular updates are a good way of keeping yourself on Google’s radar; blog posts can also contain helpful information that your visitors will appreciate (for example, tips to manage back pain). For ideal results, focus on long-form posts to increase reader engagement and offer a more in-depth piece to help educate your readers.

As a service provider, it’s important to make a name for yourself in the physical therapy business. After all, you can’t give your patients what they need if they don’t know you’re there to help. Invest in a strong marketing strategy to let your patients know you’re out there whenever they need a helping hand with their aches and pains.

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