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Why Plumbing Services Need SEO? Read Plumbing Company Success Stories

Is It Worth Spending Money on SEO for Plumbing Services?

In the past, customers used contacts given in the last sale to contact service providers. Companies relied on direct marketing, advertising, and sales promotions strategies to increase their visibility and remind clients of their services. Today, customers turn to the internet for immediate answers. If they cannot find a solution to their problem, they will call the services whose contacts are readily available online. The shift to online services has forced companies to combine their traditional marketing strategies with online marketing. Most companies now have websites with all information about their services and contact details.

Unfortunately, having a website is no longer enough in today’s competitive marketplace. A small percentage of customer searches for specific names of companies. The highest percentage types in their problem on the search engine and expect solutions to pop up on their screen. Customers click on websites that appear on the first page of the search engine. Rarely do they move to the next page unless if the results on the first page are dissatisfactory. The purpose of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is to ensure that a company’s website appears on the first page of all search engines. Companies use different SEO strategies include keyword optimization, content marketing, internal linking and web design to improve their rankings on search engines.

Given the shift in marketing and shopping trends, local SEO services have been established to help companies utilize current SEO strategies. Should plumbing services hire SEO services? Is worth spending money on online marketing for plumbing services? The next section addresses these questions with facts from real plumbing services.

The Benefits of SEO to Plumbing Services

The main reason for investing in SEO is to increase traffic to a company’s website. A high-ranking website attracts many visitors. The company can turn these visitors into leads and eventually to customers. Attracting quality traffic will help a company increase its revenue and profits. Plumbing services can enhance their profits by utilizing the right SEO strategies. Plumbing services can either hire SEO experts as part of their team or outsource SEO functions to other companies. Outsourcing SEO services to other businesses is advantageous because such enterprises keep track of current SEO trends.
Search engines change their rankings dynamics all the time. Hence, SEO strategies can be outdated within a few months. Local SEO services will help a company update its online marketing strategies and maintain a high ranking. Paying for SEO services is worth if a plumber finds a genuine SEO firm.

The case study of Cole Plumbing shows how plumbing companies can benefit from this marketing strategy. Cole Plumbing was established in 1977 in Montgomery. The company was relying on YellowPages and word-of-mouth marketing strategies to market its services. The company decided to try SEO when the effectiveness of its marketing strategies declined. SEO strategies applied to Cole Plumbing included a new website design, social marketing, blogging and content marketing, and SEO optimized pages. The results were first-page ranking and top listings for most its primary keywords on Google in six months.

Shamrock Plumbing in Orlando outsourced its SEO functions after ranking in the second and third pages for its main keywords for a long time. The results of its decisions to outsource SEO were top listings on the first page of Google for its primary keywords. The plumbing service was competing with 1.6million search results for one keyword and 7 million for another keyword. The rankings increased traffic to the company and had to expand its operations to meet the growth in demand for its service.

Before outsourcing SEO services, Shamrock Plumbing had two employees who were operating from the founder’s home office. After the new rankings, the company acquired 2,000 square foot office and hired seven full-time technicians.

Morgan Miller Plumbing is yet another success story of a plumbing service that used SEO to expand its operations. The company focused on social media marketing, which is among the most effective SEO strategies to increase traffic to its website. The company had been in operation for 18 years before starting internet marketing. After aggressive marketing on Facebook, the company achieved 39 times return on investments in social media marketing. In addition, the company increased its revenue from $1.7 million in 2012 when it implemented social media marketing to 2.7 million in 2015.

The figure below shows the trend in sales, organic traffic, leads and overall sales for Complete Plumbing Source after implementing SEO. The company had many services to offer to its clients but did not have an optimized website.

The company hired a local SEO service in 2011 and as is seen from the graph, its sales increased by 2021% in just two years. The company’s organic traffic increased by 28.6% and form leads by 130% between 2013 and 2014.

In addition to increase revenue and sales, effective SEO enables plumbing services to remain competitive in the industry. Blue Corona conducted two studies on the HVAC and plumbing websites in terms of content. Blue Corona is a data-driven internet marketing company. One study was conducted in 2013 while the second was carried out in 2015.

Ben Landers, the CEO and President of Blue Corona outlines the importance of web content and web design for plumbing companies. Landers explains that study findings in 2015 revealed that top plumbing websites had quality content and unique web pages.

When it comes to the number of web pages, Landers said:

“What sophisticated HVAC contractors realize is the simple approach is to have one page that talks about all your services — heating, cooling, heat pump replacements, etc. But it is more advantageous to take that simple services list and break it out into a page for each individual service,”

The results also show that the number of plumbing company websites has increased significantly. Top companies in the plumbing industry are distinguishing themselves from competitors through unique web pages and high content, which are part of SEO strategies.


The case studies and facts outlined above indicate that plumbing services can increase their sales through effective SEO strategy. SEO increases a company website’s ranking on search engines, which in turn enhances the traffic to the websites. Plumbing services can convert visitors to their websites to customers through great content and unique web designs. Plumbing service can earn huge returns on their investments in online marketing by implementing the right strategies. The success stories discussed reveal that outsourcing SEO functions are sufficient if a plumbing service finds a genuine and professional SEO service.

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