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Accelerated Mobile Pages – The Next Big Thing In Mobile Search

The Next Big Thing: AMP Mobile Searches

Google now supports what’s called Accelerated Mobile Pages. It’s for your website and the experience that users are having. As its name implies, AMP enables great features for optimizing the speed of browsing. This is browsing on mobile devices to be exact.

Just imagine your site or another loading up to 85 percent faster on mobile. This is in comparison to a traditional site that doesn’t have AMP HTML features. The additional feature is for the user. In the end, there is only a bit more work on the developer’s end, but the efforts will be worth it for news articles.

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Accelerated Mobile Pages was launched in 2015. You’re looking for a combination. One that pleases the user and a component that impresses the search engines with speed. The AMP HTML input will enable you to satisfy both. It happens with ease. The result is better optimization and front page relevancy. This could be the way of the future.

 A Quick, Technical Overview

But the input of AMP isn’t for the faint in heart. There are three parts that it’s made of. They are: AMP JS, AMP CDN and AMP HTML.

– The AMP HTML is nothing but an HTML subtype. The task won’t be difficult for those competent with HTML already. The usual HTML tags are left out or replaced when using AMP HTML. You do have to learn the new commands of AMP HTML though.

– The AMP CDN or Accelerated Mobile Pages Content Delivery Network enables an AMP site to be automatically optimized and will even cache it for you.

– The AMP JS component is an application in JavaScript. It’s specifically used for mobile sites.

 Are AMP The Future for Mobile SEO

The ability to load mobile pages is in demand within most tech companies as we know it. There are similar attempts as seen through Apple News and Instant Articles by Facebook. WordPress has also jumped into the fray by offering an AMP plugin. The demand for faster mobile features is apparent and growing each day.

This feature is the future of mobile HTML, but Google limits where it’s currently active for searches made through their engine. The AMP HTML settings are only active when news enquiries are made in searches as of now.

How They Work

You still own the rights to your published material, but search engines will better cache it. This makes it a step easier to increase the speed at which your media is uploaded and found in searches. It’s achieved through HTML subsets and caches in a cloud. That way, time is reduced when finding media through mobile devices.

Find your way now, and start considering AMP as an option.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Google’s Mobile-Friendly Update

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Google’s Mobile-Friendly Update

Google is one of the biggest names on the Internet. Whenever they do an update or make a change, it has the potential to have an effect on millions of people. That is why fully understanding Google’s newest update is so important.

  1. The New Update Influences the Existing Algorithm

The most important part of this update is the fact that Google is putting out a mobile-friendly algorithm update. This is important because it can play a big role in the search results that mobile users are currently getting. This new algorithm is going to play a huge role in what results you are able to get when you are doing searches on your mobile device.

  1. E-Commerce Stores May Be Affected

Anytime a new algorithm is introduced, the ability of your store to show up in the search results may be affected. It is very important to study the new algorithm to find out if you need to make updates in order to ensure that your store will still show up on any searches that are done on mobile devices.

  1. There is an Easy Way to Check Site Compatibility

If you are concerned about whether your website will work properly with the new update, there is an easy way to check on this. Google has a website, which you can visit here, to check and see if your website will work properly or if it will need any changes. You will simply enter your website URL and it will provide you with the necessary information.


  1. The Role that Apps will Play

At this point in time, it is being suggested that apps will be positively affected by the new mobile-friendly update that Google is releasing. There has been some reports that apps may actually appear within normal searches as a possible search result. This can easily increase traffic and downloads for your personal app. While the full benefits will not be seen until after the update, this is something that is a very important benefit for many companies.

  1. What is Google’s Plan with the Update?

Google recognizes the increasing importance of being able to fully access the internet through mobile devices. Currently, Google is not fully taking advantage of these mobile devices. This update will position Google in a unique position that gives them better access to lead their competitors in this area and to potentially make Google a lot of money.

Whatever may come out of Google’s mobile-friendly update, there will definitely be some positive benefits for e-commerce companies. Learning everything about the Google algorithms and how it will affect your website is only one part of being successful with the changes and coming out ahead of your competitors.