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Smart and Cost-Effective Ways to Promote A Website to Target Customers

“Don’t be afraid to get creative and experiment with your marketing.” — Mike Volpe

Building a website for your products and/or services does not necessarily guarantee that customers will find and purchase from you. As a business person, it is important to understand that creating a website is simply the beginning. With the fierce competition in the business world, staying on top of the game is the best way to survive against your many competitors. At the same time, promoting your website online can be intimidating and not mention, requires a large amount of investment. Additionally, not everybody has the financial capability to invest in paid advertisement campaign and event sponsorship to attract your target customers. But with the advancement of digital marketing, there are now effective ways of website advertising in Canada without breaking the bank.

To help you strengthen your online presence, we have rounded several ways you can promote your website without costing you a ton of money:

● Strengthen your SEO strategy – With hundreds or thousands of competitors selling the same nature of products and/or services as yours, getting your target customers to find you in the world wide web requires strong SEO strategy. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a strategy used to rank your website high on the first page of the search engine, such as Google. Many website operators use SEO over SEM (Search Engine Marketing) because it is free and is open for everyone to use. A solid SEO strategy depends on the quality of web page content published, a number of good links, and ease of navigation or user experience. Additionally, incorporating relevant keywords or phrases throughout your web pages and other techniques including adding alt text to the images and optimizing your heading allows Google and other major search engines to easily find your website. Once you are able to establish a strong SEO strategy, you can consistently bring in more passive website traffic to boost your search engine ranking.

● Social Media Marketing – Ever since the dawn of social media, it has completely changed the landscape of online marketing. Today, the majority of businesses have social media accounts where they can interact and promote their website to their target customers. Social media marketing also helps build connections and communicate with them. There are various ways which you can promote your business in different social media platforms. Endorsing your website on your social media accounts also help strengthen your brand imagery. You can use this strategy to run contests and giveaways to acquire more “likes” and customer contact information. While Facebook and Twitter are considered to be the dominant forces of social media, Instagram and Pinterest are also becoming popular to businesses looking to promote their website.

Take a look at this step by step tutorial on social media marketing by Kevin David:

Are you planning to get started with social media marketing? Make this video your guide in developing a foolproof social media marketing strategy. When it comes to promoting your website, you need people to be talking about your business. Without a solid social marketing campaign, you missed out a lot of opportunities, especially on increasing your online presence. However, taking the first step is usually the hardest. However, by following the step by step instructions provided by Kevin David in this video, you will have an idea of how to kickstart your social media marketing and attract more customers, increase sales, and improve brand awareness. David will walk you through the different strategies and how you can implement them in your campaign. Keep in mind that social media marketing could take time, effort, and energy and you do not want all your hard work to go to waste.

● Use Google Local Business – Submitting your website to Google Local Business is a great way to gain a local audience. Google is the best place for website promotion ideas, as well as registering your business information for free. It also allows you to post pictures, promotional offers, and submit mobile ads. Google Local Business helps display your information on search results, giving your business an online presence. Google also helps your target customers find your location and call right from their mobile devices.

● Create Quality Content/Blogs – People use the Internet to look for information or solutions. Creating relevant and informative content is among the best strategies to promote your website effectively to your target audience. Starting a blog and publishing quality content is vital to your website because it boosts your search engine ranking, establish yourself as an authority in your market niche, and improve the rate of conversion. When you create relevant blogs for your readers, they are more likely to share on their social media accounts. Additionally, writing blogs enables you to research and learn more about your market and grow your professional skills.

Take a look at the graph below:

This graph shows that content marketing (37%) remains the top digital priority when it comes to promoting a business. Although social media engagement is a popular strategy used to attract customers to a website, providing high-quality and relevant content to readers never fails to drive higher conversion rates. In fact, content marketing is more powerful than traditional marketing in terms of converting people into leads and leads into customers. The other top B2B digital priorities are brand building (24%), targeting and personalization (23%), social media engagement (23%), customer journey management (22%), video content (21%), marketing automation (19%), and search engine marketing (16%).

● Guest Blogging – In addition to creating blogs, guest blogging is also a powerful strategy for your website promotion campaign. This popular SEO technique benefits both parties involved. Working with a guest blogger gives you access to his network and a chance to tap onto some quality leads. You build a relationship with a fellow blogger who belongs in the industry, as well as grow your own network. Both of you get equal exposure, traffic, and shares on social media channels. Additionally, you can also reap amazing benefits by becoming a guest blogger yourself. When you start guest blogging for other websites, the link of your website can appear on external pages, which is beneficial for your SEO efforts. You are also likely to get more exposure to a new audience and improve your skills by writing new formats.

● Post on Forum – Forums is another powerful platform to promote your website to a crowd of potential clients. You can post a new thread on popular forum sites, such as Reddit and allow the readers to upvote your post. It also gives you a chance to engage in existing and relatable conversation threads and recommend your website when appropriate. For optimum results, post on forums that are specific to your business category to interact with the right target audience.

● Signature Branding – A brand image helps your target customers recognize your company. Your brand is recognizable and compelling enough to catch attention. Additionally, your email account, forum, and text messages should come with a unique brand signature. This is essential for brand recognition, getting people to click on the website link you provided. When choosing to add your website’s URL to text messaging and other mobile advertisements, make sure your website is mobile optimized.

● Email Marketing – Email marketing is a great marketing tool which has been proven effective for years to promote a website. Using this technique allows you to connect with potential and existing customers on a more personal level. You can set up an email newsletter subscription box on your website and give the readers a compelling reason to subscribe. Send newsletters to your subscribers on a regular basis. Your newsletter should be engaging, your call-to-action punchy and your tone pressing to entice readers to subscribe. When used correctly, newsletters can be a tool to promote new products and encourage your audience to return to your website for blog posts, promotional specials, videos, and others.

These eight website promotion tips give website operators knowledge on how to improve their website and promote it using the right channels. Although promoting your website could take some time, be patient until you notice a boost in search engine ranking and traffic. If you think you still need more information on how to effectively and successfully promote your website, get in touch with a reliable online marketing agency for professional help.

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