How To Make SEO and Web Design Work Together

How To Make SEO and Web Design Work Together

Your Website Design And SEO Can Make You A Success

Something to keep in mind when building a website for your company is to market your products and/or services and reach a broad range of consumers. In order to do this, you want to have a well-designed site with content that meets your search engine optimization purposes. More and more, companies are realizing just how necessary it is to use a quality website with a professional appearance, easy-to-navigate set-up, and content that will place well in search engines. It is the advertising of the present and of the future and it will make all the difference for those who are looking to get their brand and services out in the spot-light.

We know that website design is extremely important in helping your company to not only get attention, but to look good doing it. People who are searching for products or services will be turned off if the design looks cheap and shoddy, whereas websites that are clean and well-organized make people want to take their time to shop or order services. It is important to spend money on having your website done by professionals and it is equally as important to ensure that you have search engine friendly content that will get you noticed.

Creating a website that stands out aesthetically while providing consumers with easy to read content and that appears at the top of the list in search engines will mean more to your company’s success than you could imagine. When it comes to truly taking advantage of having a website for your company, you can’t solely focus on one aspect while forgetting the other.

Following are some things to keep in mind while designing websites and creating quality content:

  • In this day and age, most internet users and browsers will distrust a company if the website is poorly designed or if it is difficult to maneuver or navigate, especially if it comes to ordering and paying online.
  • Consumers also will quickly switch to searching for another website if the content and material is difficult to read or doesn’t provide them with the quick answers that they are looking for.
  • If your website appears after the second page on a search engine, consumers are less likely to check it out.

How to Marry Great Web Design with Search Engine Optimization?

How To Make SEO and Web Design Work Together

Now that you understand that search engine optimization and the appearance and design of your website are equally as important to each other, how do you go about creating a site that will reach both goals?

Some important things to remember when creating your website with consumers in mind are:

  • Create an easy-to-navigate interface.
  • Provide engaging content that is easy to read and provides consumers with pertinent information.
  • Define your market and demographic in order to create content and design that will catch consumers and clients attention as they search for what you have to offer.
  • Make sure your content clearly states what services or products you offer which will keep them browsing your information.
  • Ensure that your website provides browsers with a simple and clear way to contact you which is what having a website is really about.
  • Create creative and attention-grabbing H2 and H3 tags and blog titles.
  • Have your website design team work hand in hand with your search engine professionals to ensure an end result that looks put together and professional.

How To Make SEO and Web Design Work Together

This last point is highly important as this is where design and optimized content come together and making sure that the whole team is on the same boat in the direction that you want to take is what will make the combination of the two components a complete success.

Gone are the days of billboards and advertising in newspapers. Social media, websites, and the internet are the medium that people use to find what they want and to sell what they have. It goes without saying that if you want people to hire you or your services you will want to make sure that you have done your best with the platform that you have for advertising. While it may seem time consuming and costly, the end result of having eye-catching content and an attractive website design will help you to make more money than what you invested in it.

In Conclusion

How To Make SEO and Web Design Work Together

It is important to keep in mind that the content on your page should include the services or name of the products that you sell. This is the key in optimizing search results that will lead browsers to your page. Also, remember that the look of your website means a lot to consumers and can turn potential customers away even if you are using the best search engine techniques and methods. Create something you can be proud of for your company and you can be confident consumers and clients will take notice.


What You Should Know About Hiring An SEO Toronto Digital Marketing Agency

Hiring an SEO Toronto digital marketing agency to help grow your business can take a lot of research and legwork on your part. But here are some tips you should consider when looking for a good, reputable marketing firm.

The best way to get an immediate feel for whether or not an SEO Toronto digital marketing agency can benefit you is to be upfront and candid about what your business is and what its goals and objectives are. You don’t want to just be generic about this information, you want to let the marketing agency know exactly what it is you’re expecting from them.

You should discuss with them what marketing platforms they use and whether or not they can work for your business. In hiring a good digital marketing agency, you may need to adapt to some changes in how your marketing is done, but you should never hire an SEO Toronto agency who doesn’t understand your company’s direction.

Find Out About Their Communication Structure

The best way to work with an SEO Toronto digital marketing company is to have constant open lines of communication. You’ll want to know if they have a contact person or department that you can reach 24/7 in case you have concerns about how your marketing campaigns are going. You may also want a digital marketing company that does online reviews or conference meetings on a monthly or yearly basis to see if everything is performing up to standard. Never hire a company that doesn’t keep you in the loop.

Let Them Know If You Have Any Third Parties That Might Be Involved In This

If you work with a technical team whose tasks may overlap with those of a marketing team, you should discuss this with the marketing agency you plan to hire. It’s important that you don’t run into a potential conflict of interest, or conflicting jobs when working with your marketing agency. You may even want to see if the marketing agency offers any evaluation services just to make sure you have all your t’s crossed and i’s dotted.

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9 SEO secrets every business should know

Local SEO

Tips To Get Your Law Firm Website On The First Page of Google

Local SEO is The New SEO

There various ways to make your law firm more prestigious, including ensuring that it appears on the first page of Google’s search results. In fact, pages that appear in Google’s top search results often receive more traffic because they are viewed by Google as a trusted and knowledgeable source, prompting many visitors to select those websites over others.

To appear on the first page of Google listings may seem like a bit of a mystery since generally only about 10 businesses can actually hold those spots, but according to attorney and author Charles G. Smith, whose own SEO methods helped land his law firm on the first page of Google search, “this is where local search comes into play“.

Why Local SEO?

Statistically, about 38% of all legal consumers use the internet to research lawyers online, which means, if your law firm isn’t showing up in search engines, it could be costing your business.

When a consumer conducts a local search, local search engines produce results using location data, which narrows the first page of search results to local listings only. This is especially crucial for small businesses because it ensures that anyone conducting a local search in your area finds your website when they enter a query.

According to Smith as well as SEO marketing experts, when incorporating local SEO, the following best practices can greatly improve your search engine ranking.

  1. Begin with Relevant, Original Content

SEO for law firms is all about relevance, authority, and trust. To gain trust and authority in Google’s listings, businesses must provide relevant content. To produce quality content, begin with original content that supports your local SEO keywords. In addition, search engines also give preference to sites that consistently provide new content; so when possible, begin with original content, original titles and blog for your firm often to increase your authority and trustworthiness, which ultimately increase your rankings.

  1. Incorporate Long-Tail Keywords


Long-tail keywords are thoroughly specific keywords with a low search volume, which puts your page ahead of the search because there is minimal competition. For Instance, if you are a divorce attorney in Los Angeles, instead of simply targeting generic keywords like “divorce attorney,” concentrate on specific long-tail keywords like “the best hollywood divorce attorney in los angeles ca.”


  1. Include Quality Backlinks from a Local Source

Backlinks are links on other websites that direct visitors back to your site. Quality backlinks, or backlinks from websites with greater authority, help boost the credibility of your site because they tend to generate a lot of traffic. Localizing your links further increases your SEO efforts. For instance, backlinks from a local educational institution, etc. work wonders for increasing your rankings.

Other sources for quality backlinks include local business indexes, local newspapers, and blogs from other businesses.

  1. Get Web Citations


A web citation is any reference to your law firm on another site. Citations differ from backlinks in that a link is not required for citation strength; however, backlinks still help.


To get a citation, add your profile in legal directories. Include your firm’s name, address and phone number on each page to signal to Google that your company is real, trustworthy, and relevant.

The Moz Local tool is a great place to find high quality directories online. Search for both geographic and category-terms to ensure your firm is listed properly.

  1. Create a Web Page for Every Location that You Serve

For maximum exposure, develop one page of your website for each specific location that you serve, and mention the location in addition to your practice area. By doing so, it will enable you to reach potential customers in each neighborhood and municipality you serve. For instance, say that your area of focus is immigration law, and you have a practice in Little Havana Miami. You would naturally want to reach out to potential clients in surrounding neighborhoods and communities. Develop an original page with the title tag “Little Havana Immigration Lawyer,” and be sure to make specific references to the location on the page.

  1. Include Your Address in Google My Business

Google My Business search results listings are the listings that appear in small boxes that include your company name, hours of operation, and address. Google My Business increases your visibility in Google+, searches, and map searches. If you’re not on Google MY Business, it can affect your business.

To get your law firm listed on Google My Business, simply head over to Google’s website, then sign in to include your address. Next, you will be asked to verify your listing either through instant verification or other Google request. Once your listing is approved, you can include keyword descriptions and photos to further optimize your page.

  1. Welcome Online Reviews

Reviews and positive ratings help increase your ranking with Google My Business. More reviews signal to Google that your business is influential in a given geographic area; therefore, it is good for businesses to encourage satisfied customers to submit positive reviews whenever possible. Some great review sites include Google My Business, your LinkedIn profile, and your firm’s website.

Follow the tips discussed above and you’re sure to be on the first page of Google in no time.

New Google Important Factors

The Most Important Google Ranking Factors You Should Focus On

What Ingredients Make a Top Rated Google Search

There are a lot of factors involved when creating a website that is search engine optimized. How can a company make sure they are high in a search result when there are thousands of other companies trying to do the same? What can make your site stand out? SEO is not an easy business and can be incredibly frustrating. As Wendy Piersal said:


“Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first.” If that is true, how do you get people to love you? And how can you develop SEO at the same time?

Falling Inlove

There are about 200 factors involved in SEO rankings in the Google Search Engine, and their optimization rankings change a few times a year, which means Google search results vary constantly. There are some major factors one should consider when trying to be SEO friendly. Let’s look at the different ingredients involved in SEO.

One of the most important elements in a web site being search optimized is backlinks. For over a decade this has been the most vital aspect of search optimization, and while Google is trying to develop other ways of evaluating sites, this continues to be one of the components that a company cannot neglect. Another key aspect of SEO websites is how worthy their articles are. Articles that are less valuable have to work more to gain views on Google, while those that are most jammed packed with important content will reach the top. Article length is almost just as important; the days when a 500 word article was enough to generate traffic is long gone. Make sure your content is lengthy and worthwhile.

Before focusing these things:

New Google Important Factors has a lot of important information related to what makes a site successful. There are on-page factors, site factors, off page factors and domain factors involved in SEO and they go into several elements in detail.

  • On-page factors include having the keyword in the title tag, a keyword in the description tag, and using keywords in copy. What hurts a site is duplicate content.
  • Site factors include a sitemap, domain trust, and server location.
  • Off page factors includes the number of linking domains, which are the number of other sites linking to you. This is key to success. Another is the diversity of link types.


Creating an optimized website, as one can see, involves a lot of elements at play that should be integrated to make one’s site enticing, both to viewers and to Google. It is like baking a cake, in a way. Without each ingredient, it just won’t be enticing and generate the kind of success that is needed. Each of these elements need to be considered when creating a site that is search engine optimized.

And, of course, being creative is highly important as well. Piersal is right; people must love you first. How do you create a following? Interesting, valuable content that is unique, with a creative twist.