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Effective Ways To Optimize for Yahoo Search Engine

Effective Ways To Optimize for Yahoo Search Engine

Reaping Maximum Results From Search Engines

Understanding how to optimize for search engines is an important way to market yourself or your business. Web search engines are designed to search catalogs of information stored on the World Wide Web. Search engines are the most up-to-date resource for obtaining information on the web, using an algorithm to compose refreshment. With new information being released by the minute, what information gets priority placement?

Statistics are relaying that mobile users are searching just as often as desktop users. Mobile users are often seeking immediate information on the go and will only scroll through the first few search results. In a survey in the previous year, it has shown that mobile users has outnumbered desktop users:


Therefore, you need to take advantage of this. It is of the upmost importance to know how to get your information or your businesses information to be one of the top results.

Site Structure

Begin with how the website is structured. If the website is organized efficiently then it will give the site priority in indexing. Proper site structure involves correctly categorizing pages in both the main and submenus.


The quality of the content is of upmost importance, as well is keyword density. According to an article written by Qamar Zaman, Chief Visionary at One SEO Company:

“The search engine usually prefers the keyword density of 7 to 8 percent, which is higher compared to most webmasters and SEOs preference.”

But, you do not want to overstuff your articles with keywords but instead thoughtfully incorporate keywords. In addition to that, be sure to use words or phrases that are an accurate and rounded representation of your site.


Next, create a sitemap to allow for the page to be indexed easily. The Yahoo search engine does not allow mass linking or spam to seep into search results so make sure to use inbound links to meet this standard. Yahoo is the third most used search engine, following these guidelines closely will allow you to reap the benefits of being viewing on a widely used platform.

Understanding The Search Engine

Another key point to utilizing the search engine is understanding what it encompasses. Yahoo’s search index, for instance, includes HTML, PDF, and Microsoft Office documents. Documents that have been altered or updated recently are recrawled, keeping the search results fresher. This act of refreshment takes place twice weekly, more often than on other popular search engines.

Keep in mind that a lesser amount of results appear with this search engine than some other big search engines. However, this could very well be an example of displaying more accurate search results; results that match the text entered into the search box more closely. When it comes to the quality and size of Yahoo’s search index, according to Jeff Weiner, senior vice president of search and marketplace for Yahoo:

“We’re very confident in the quality and size of our index, and we think the results speak for themselves,”

So how do you make it into the index?

One-way is to become a user and then choose the “add URL” option. This option presents your website as a suggestion but does not fully guarantee that it will be indexed. There is also a paid program through Inktomi that guarantees admittance. Currently, Inktomi’s search is the only that feeds into Yahoo.
They offer “search submit” for smaller websites and “index connect” for websites that are 1000+ pages.

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