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10 Real Estate Social Media Tips to Step Up Your Marketing Game in 2020

Social media marketing is a big part of what makes the estate business go round. As a realtor, it’s vital you build trust in your client base to help you close sales and give your clients what they need. Used correctly, social media can be a major lead generator for many businesses. Here are some strategies to help you maximize your efficiency and get better results:

1. Optimize your profile

Everything starts with your profile, including first impressions with new clients. Make sure you’ve filled in your profiles for every platform you use, including contact details and address. This information is vital for clients who want to get in touch to make inquiries. You can also take this to the next level by optimizing the services section on your Facebook page. Displaying the exact services you have to offer and ensures more inquiries you get are genuine.

2. Use the right hashtags to optimize content

Hashtags are a great way to boost brand awareness. Think of it as a small tweak to your content that can pay off in a big way. Include brand hashtags (to help build your following) and generic hashtags (to reach a wider range of people). To be even more specific, you can also use custom hashtags to target particular neighbourhoods, including your local area, to reach a targeted audience.

3. Promote the town

Many home buyers want to know more than what you can tell them about the house. Social media channels are an effective medium for giving clients a better understanding of the market you serve. Use your platform to sell your clients on the neighbourhood and give them reasons to consider moving there. You can also mention a “@Cityof…” Twitter handles to promote properties in specific cities. Many cities with Twitter handles tend to appreciate the shout-out and may retweet, allowing your post to reach more followers.

4. Educate your buyers

One element of digital marketing, in general, is using your platforms to educate visitors on ways they can do things better. In the case of real estate, you can share common real estate pitfalls to help your buyers buy smarter in the future. Consider setting up a blog to give yourself a platform to engage with your readers and share useful home-buying tips; you can then use social media to promote our posts and spread the information around.

5. Always respond to comments

It’s good policy to respond promptly and courteously when readers comment on your posts. Focus on those comments related to your business to make the most of the time you spend on the platform. Many people who reach out tend to be looking for more information on listings (sometimes ones that are no longer available). Take their comments as an opportunity to direct their interest toward other properties instead.

6. Include videos

Video can be an important part of a digital marketing strategy; it’s an engaging and dynamic medium that works well for improving both search rankings and visitor engagement. Homebuyers are visual buyers, and a video can be a way to show the charm of a property to a host of interested viewers. You can also create more informative videos as a how-to guide for visitors (for example, videos on how to find a good mortgage broker or updates concerning the local community).

7. Put reviews front and centre

These days, people tend to check reviews before hiring for services. Collecting reviews from previous clients and displaying them prominently can be a good way to get potential customers to see them and get an idea of what working with you is like. Positive reviews can be just what you need to convince potential customers that you’re a reliable, trustworthy hire.

8. Share success stories

Whenever you close a deal, consider posting each time you do. This approach is a powerful method of building trust and confidence in your brand. Each new story helps convince readers that you know what you’re doing, making it easier for potential clients to bring themselves to trust you when they need your services. User-generated content is especially powerful in this case, so get customers to tag you after a sale and get a photo with your satisfied clients so you can share it on your channels for your viewers to see.

9. Share content for the locals

In most cases, the people viewing your properties live in the local area, so it’s a good idea to share content that would interest people nearby. For example, try sharing information on local price changes or interesting local news that could grab people’s attention. Most people spend a great deal of time online these days, so contributing to the local social world can be a golden opportunity to get some relevant attention.

10. Remember existing clients

It’s important to forge a good working relationship with your clients, including your previous ones. Invite older clients to join you on social media to keep the relationship up. This way, your sites can become a wider, richer community mixing the experiences of your clients old and new. Besides, it also pays to maintain close ties with old clients to create positive feelings and keep them coming back when they need you again.

There’s more to being a realtor than having the right licence. Clients look for someone who looks out for their interests and helps them navigate the world of property ownership with ease. Social media can be a great tool for forging better relationships with your clients and building the trust you need to work well with your clients. Use these insights to help you open a dialogue with your clients and start building the trust you need to do your work well.

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