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How COVID-19 Has Affected Digital Marketing and What to Do

The coronavirus is now officially a pandemic, and while the effects it has on public health have been the major focus, it’s also affecting other sectors, including digital marketing for businesses. As the pandemic affects the global economy, different industries have had to make many adjustments.

In the case of digital marketing, there are some unique challenges the outbreak brings that can change how we approach it.

E-Commerce Supply Chains Are Strained

One consequence of the outbreak is how it has limited the number and frequency of people going out, particularly for shopping. In infected areas, it’s difficult for local residents to leave their homes and shop for groceries and medicine.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom; in the wake of the pandemic, marketers have analyzed that more people are going to turn to online shopping for their basic necessities rather than risk going outside. The use of online medicine and grocery apps has increased tremendously in the wake of the pandemic to cater to the needs of customers otherwise stuck inside. Companies that have branched out to include e-commerce are seeing more business during the lockdown.

As people become more used to ordering online during the lockdown, new long-term habits may take hold as customers become more used to doing their shopping online. After the threat subsides, there may be substantial long-term gains for online retailers and digital advertisers, so start preparing for those incoming trends.

However, one new issue for the e-commerce industry at this time is delivering the product to customers’ doorsteps. With the disruption of regular supply lines, it’s more important than ever to make sure you can deliver on time.

Cancelled Conferences

In-person events are another casualty of the coronavirus pandemic, with many digital conferences in particular (including the F8 and CloudNext conferences) being called off in the interest of public safety. While this may cost many businesses (thanks to missing out on possible deals and product announcements), there are ways to bounce back.

As a contingency plan, organizers can host events, albeit without a live audience. Take a video of the entire event, including everything that would have been announced, then stream the event online. This way, attendees can still keep up-to-date with the latest digital marketing trends and gain the insights they need as time goes on.

Remote Work

One trend among many tech companies is allowing employees to do their work from home. Given the health risk of commuting and working in close proximity to other people, most companies have elected to let their employees do their work remotely. In many ways, working remotely can improve flexibility and efficiency for many employees. However, isolation can take its toll on creativity and problem solving now that employees lack in-person collaboration.

In response, many marketers are turning to other platforms like Zoom for their videoconferencing and collaboration software. These platforms have their limits, but the pandemic stands to encourage companies to experiment with new features and formats to improve the experience for users. Keep a finger on the pulse of these trends to improve your collaboration even when your employees have to stay separate.

Compared to many other businesses, digital marketers stand to face fewer losses during the coronavirus crisis, and with these insights, you can improve your operations to minimize any damage. Keeping a close eye on the current trends makes it much easier to serve your clients efficiently through the pandemic.

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