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Marketing Tactics for Landscaping Companies in 2020

Marketing Tactics for Landscaping Companies in 2020
Strategize and see your business thrive this 2020

Being a thriving industry, the landscaping industry is filled with thousands of players that specialize in commercial and residential landscaping. Expect to go toe-to-toe with newcomers in 2020. Old and new companies are now devising new strategies to remain afloat in the competition. Are you prepared to face your rivals and crush your goals for the coming year?

Earning the trust of prospective clients and turning them into customers warrants a solid marketing strategy. You need a clear understanding of your market, including the pain points and behaviour of your target customers. To help you get started with crafting your plan of attack, here are the top marketing tactics for landscaping companies in 2020:

1. Market during the off-season.

For the landscaping business, peak season officially begins through spring until fall (depending on your location). However, you don’t have until the season starts before you could start your marketing efforts. The disadvantage to this is that you’ll be left in the dust by other companies that have already marketed their services weeks ahead of the season. You can stay ahead by reaching out to customers and getting in touch with them more often. Use print or digital advertisements to stay on their minds.

2. Market to your target customers.

Marketing Tactics for Landscaping Companies in 2020
Identify your ideal customers and carefully learn their behaviour.

For small businesses, it will be a tricky job to reach out to an entire range of customers. So choose a specific customer segment and work your way outwards. Learn more about these customers. Discover who are those most likely to get your services and research on your local market. This way, you’ll also know which niche in the industry has fewer players. And in turn, you’ll understand which services you can offer to this niche. Along the way, you may find out that your ideal customers are those homeowners who have no time to develop their landscaping, have no idea how to tackle the project, or have no skills to maintain their lawn. You may also want to serve residential and commercial builders.

Once you identify your ideal customers, target them with the intended marketing means. Then start a direct mail campaign targeting property owners who are likely to contact you for landscaping.

3. Use direct mail.

Direct mail is and will always be an effective tool if you’re looking for a marketing tactic that produces results. A lot of consumers always check their emails and this is an opportunity to grab their attention. Send them your lawn care postcards. Place your logo prominently so they can identify your business even when they don’t read your content.

4. Get listed!

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Increase your citation in local listing sites so customers can find you easily.

Increase your local citations by getting mentioned in popular listing sites. The majority of consumers visit these sites to look for the right services to address a specific problem, so you’re highly likely to get hired through these sites. Examples of well-known listing sites are Google, Thumbtack, Yelp, Houzz, Angie’s List, Home Advisor, and Porch. Also, get listed in local consumer directories. As you do this, make sure to get all your contact information and address correctly. Upload the latest photos of your storefront and recent landscaping projects.

Most importantly, ask your previous customers to pen a review/testimonial of your work on these listing sites. Ensure that after seeing your company on the listing sites, your prospect customers click on your company website. Include a link to your site in your profile and listing.

5. Join industry shows and events.

Several shows and events may be going on around your town and they may be all about landscaping and similar activities. Make these shows an opportunity to expose your brand and mark your presence in the landscaping business. While at it, meet the experts in your industry and even those who could be your potential clients. As you meet with these people, don’t forget to hand out your business card and engage in conversations.

It’s vital to market your landscaping services properly. Ensure that you’re aggressively marketing to your target customers using all means and channels applicable to them. Your logo, business card, website, and social media content will attract people to your business.

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