Outrageous Tips For Marketing a Mental Health Or Psychotherapy Private Practice

Outrageous Tips For Marketing a Mental Health Or Psychotherapy Private Practice
Increase your chances of getting by your clients this 2020.

So you’re devising winning strategies to market a mental health or psychotherapy private practice. Whether you’re fresh out of college or you’ve been in the industry for many years now, marketing mental health counselling services can be a challenge. This requires in-depth research to be able to make wise decisions.

To help you wade through the process, we rounded up efficient ways to market your mental health practice and establish your name in the field.

1. Create/update your client email list.

Have a fresh list of all your clients and get their permission to send them a simple newsletter on a regular basis. Stick to one page (not two and absolutely NOT four!) and keep it punchy. Encourage your clients/patients to print a copy of the newsletter and share the information with their family and friends. Your newsletter can be feature mental health care tips, industry stories, and insightful articles that entertain your readers. Keep it

2. Promote hot industry topics that people care about and will want to consume.

At the bottom of your brief and concise newsletter, introduce topics that you’re willing to speak about for FREE. Explain your expertise in specific areas and let your audience know that you offer presentations and accept speaker invitations (particularly on seasonal topics). To better understand what topics are trending in your market, visit “Google AdWords.” Search for the “Keyword Tool” and type the phrase “Problem with” and see the results.

You can also discover popular searches on Twitter that begin with these words. Create a list of these topics and expound on each of them. Then put together a 25-minute presentation on any of these topics and promote it at the bottom of your newsletter.

Outrageous Tips For Marketing a Mental Health Or Psychotherapy Private Practice

3. Keep copies available in your waiting room.

Make sure hard copies of your newsletter are available in your waiting lounge. Make it accessible that your clients can pick it up, stuff them in their pocket/purse, share with their friends, and pass them around elsewhere. This increases the chances of your newsletter to be in motion and go “viral.”

4. Distribute copies to other medical practices you frequent.

Increase your visibility by placing a few copies of your newsletter in the waiting rooms of your doctor, dentist, and other medical practices you patronize. There’s less chance that clients and patients will walk off with your newsletter, but it will leave scores of other people coming on different days to see the copy. Ask permission from the doctor or medical professional if you can leave a few copies on their coffee table.

5. Send copies to local media outlets.

Keep in touch with your local radio, television, and newspaper outlets. Chances are that reporters from media outlets are looking for mental health experts they can interview when a crisis or an issue affecting the psyche of the nation happens. Some topics you might consider speaking on are work-related stress, or social media addiction, eating disorders, or depression.

Write an article or two of any of these topics and feature them in your newsletter. Send it to a reporter or news editor each month. If a trending news hits, call your media contacts immediately and inform them you’re available for an interview should they need an expert to shed light on the topic. You might also want to answer questions from the audience.

Outrageous Tips For Marketing a Mental Health Or Psychotherapy Private Practice
Build connections in your field and community.

6. Get yourself out there!

One of the best ways to get plenty of referrals is by networking and marketing your private practice in schools, primary care offices, retirement communities, and attending conferences. Keep a list of referral sources from these avenues and send personalized Thank You notes to them. This way, you’ll stay on top of their minds and they’ll know you think about them.

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to marketing a private mental health practice, but the tips outlined above are great jumpoff points. Keep in mind that it takes patience and persistence to reap the fruit of your efforts.

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