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Marketing Journal is proud to collaborate with professionals and experts in the field of online marketing. And, to continuously grow our network, we are willing to accept article contributions, sponsored posts or affiliate links.

Article Contributions

Send us your article; and if it meets our quality standards, we will publish it for FREE.

Before you submit your articles, here are a few things you should take note of:

– Make sure that there are no advertorial links in your article. If it has advertorial links, we will tag it as a sponsored post.
– There are instances when we will modify the article you sent (add graphs, images, stats etc.) to make it more relevant and informative to our readers.

Sponsored Post

You have to options for sponsored post:

We will write the content for you.

We will write an article that’s related to your niche and you will pay us for our team’s research and writing fees. If you want us to write the content for you, please take note of the following terms:

– Provide us your preferred topic for the article.
– Provide us with keywords and target URLs you want to include in the article.
– Provide us with any other special instructions you want to apply in the article.

Contact our team at [insert-email-here] for more information.

You will write your own content.

Just like article contributions, you may provide us with the article you want to publish on our site. Unlike article contributions (as discussed in the previous sections), you may add advertorial links to the article.

Take note that we will still modify the article to make it adhere to our quality standards.

For inquiries, send us an email at [insert-email-here].