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10 Digital Marketing Strategies for 2019

Technology is constantly evolving and you need to keep up with the latest trends in order to be successful in digital marketing. Innovation opens up new opportunities. Your plan should evolve and grow with technology in order to stay a step ahead of your competition.

New digital marketing strategy are constantly evolving in this current era of technology and internet. Businesses need to adopt these techniques for them to flourish. What might have worked last year is not necessarily going to work this year.

Read below are the top 10 digital marketing strategies for 2019:

1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the impersonation of human intelligence by machines, especially computers. AI is slowly taking over the world. AI has become helpful by simplifying data-based experiences and improving user experience.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is one good example of a company utilizing AI. They have been able to optimize their services by using the messenger app. They have created a plug-in with the app that has bookings, check-in and flight status updates. Customers can access travel data from anywhere. The airline provides them with the information they need without complications.

Incorporating AI can save your business money and speed up growth.

2. Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR)

Businesses are taking advantage of mobile cameras to enhance the experience of their clientele. VR and AR enable you to enhance brand consultation and influence purchase decisions by bringing your products to life. By engaging customers in immersive adventure, they are more likely to find what they want and also enjoy themselves while doing so.

10 Digital Marketing Strategies for 2019

For example, Amazon set up VR booths around their annual Prime Day, enabling their customers to experience different products as they would in real life. This allowed buyers to picture themselves owning their desired products and greatly refined the customer experience.

If getting your clients to a given location is not possible, Augmented Reality has provided to be an amazing alternative by offering reach through integration with mobile apps.

3. Vertical Video.

Every man, woman and child has a mobile device these days. They are more than personal computers and TVs. This explains why mobile video ads are so popular. Shrewd digital marketing strategy are utilizing videos to engage their customers, especially on social media. The recent introduction of Instagram’s IGTV has validated the shift to more vertical videos. The success of IGTV indicates the transition to vertical videos online.

4. Social Messaging Apps.

Social messaging apps are increasingly being used for business purposes and not just for sending emoji’s. You may find this hard to believe but look at these statistics:

10 Digital Marketing Strategies for 2019
  • Facebook Messenger has 1.3 billion monthly users
  • Billions of messages are sent between people on Facebook Messenger
  • Whats-App has 1.3 billion monthly users
  • 55 billion messages are sent on Whats-App every day

Since most people are using these social messaging apps, it makes a lot of sense to market your company where the so many people are spending their time.

5. Visual Search

This is where a user uploads an image in order to conduct a specific search for it. Pinterest is one good example. They have a platform whereby their clients are able to take a photo of an item they want, find where to buy them online and also search for related items. Savvy marketers have integrated their businesses with platforms such as Pinterest to reach more customers.

6. Influence Marketing

This is a type of word-of-mouth marketing. They utilize influential people on social media, with large followings, to market their brand. These influencers are paid to drive your brand message to their large following. This is very effective because people trust consumer opinions. Businesses that hire influencers to market their products with are great reach and reward.

7. Video Marketing

10 Digital Marketing Strategies for 2019

Using videos in your digital marketing strategy is very important. Videos are not only eye catching, but also engaging.

  • Videos improve conversion rate by roughly 70%
  • It gives customers more confidence in online purchase decisions.
  • Consumers also share these brand videos

8. Voice Search

Use of voice search has become increasingly popular and smart companies are incorporating it in their digital marketing strategy. Marketers should come up with content that takes advantage of conversational platforms like Alexa and Siri.

9. Micro-Moments.

People spend hours on their smartphones every day. There is almost too much information to absorb online. Micro-moments involve delivering your marketing message to your consumers within a very small span of time before losing them. Companies can improve their chances of a conversion by coming up with short and interesting ads for their brands.

10. Personalization.

Personalized marketing mean you personalize content, products, emails etc. Thanks to technology we can understand so much about a customer, like purchase history, consumer behavior and links clicked. Coca cola did something simple with personalization. They created packaging that was personalized with the common names for people in a given region/country. It was a simple way to encourage purchasing.

This year stay ahead of the competition by improving your customer’s experience by incorporating the strategies outlined above to improve your conversion rate.

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