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How to Revive an Ailing Social Media Campaign

Running a social media campaign should be a snap, right? After all, you’re tapping into a form of engagement used by billions of people around the world and it’s pretty much free.

While this sounds great, the fact is that social media campaigns require careful planning and tracking to target the right audience among those billions of potential consumers. So, if you’re not seeing the expected results with one of your campaigns, here’s what you can do.

Make Sure You’re Targeting the Right Searchers

Whether you’re using organic or paid efforts, a successful social media campaign is one that’s directed at the right audience. Go back and consider who you are targeting and whether or not your campaign is likely to appeal to those particular searchers. Part of the problem may be that your intended audience is too broad and not defined enough.

Change Platforms

Just because “everybody” is using Facebook and Twitter doesn’t mean either of these platforms is right for your campaign. For instance, social media campaigns that are more visual in nature will likely perform better on visual platforms like Pinterest and Instagram. A B2B campaign would likely get more attention if LinkedIn is one of your platforms.

Run a Multi-Platform Campaign

You don’t have to put all of your eggs into one basket. If you’re not seeing results from a campaign limited to one platform consider a cross-platform campaign that includes the same message delivered in ways that are appropriate for each platform. Include links to your other social sites to allow multiple ways for visitors to stay engaged.

Experiment with Different Mediums and Tactics

The problem with your campaign may be the types of content you’re using. Mix things up and add relevant images and videos if it makes sense to do so. Video alone can increase engagement more than 50 percent over content with mostly text. Also consider making a contest part of your campaign or posting fun questions. People love excuses in order to participate via social media.

Before you start tinkering with a social media campaigns, make sure it’s really in need of resuscitation. It can take several weeks to get a strong following and direct the right kind of attention to your social media efforts. However, if you’re still not seeing results after waiting patiently, then dig a little deeper into your stats to see what’s going on and consider some of the tips mentioned here.

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