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SEO Tools Every Small to Medium Enterprise Needs

Top SEO Strategies and Tools for Business

The goal of a good SEO solution is to get bring more traffic, increase sales and get higher rankings on search engines such as Google and Bing. For this reason, our businesses need to recognize that SEO is an investment and not a cost. Because SEO promises great returns and is crucial in attracting relevant traffic with high potential for conversion. Many small and mid-size businesses in today’s highly competitive market often find it difficult to optimize the potential of their digital marketing campaigns, because finding the right tools can be a huge challenge.

One of the most potent tools in the market is Google. According to Digital Marketing Philippines, over 2.2 trillion searches were done on Google in 2013; this figure roughly translates to about 6 billion searches daily. A good SEO strategy can help a business tap into this huge resource of continuous, free flowing and targeted traffic. When you are analyzing SEO strategies, it is important to look for key features such as keyword research, reporting and tracking, link building, competitive analysis and service support.

The categories of key SEO tools for business as listed by Smart Insights include:

KEYWORD ANALYSIS TOOLS: Keywords are the heart and soul of any meaningful SEO strategy because they guide users to our business sites. Today, you can easily perform keyword analysis and research using Google AdWords Planner.

The other popular keyword analysis tools, include:SEMRush, Ubersuggested and Term Explorer.

CONTENT EFFECTIVENESS TOOLS: Good web content with fresh and unique ideas are critically important to businesses. Entrepreneurs also need to optimize content through the search engines and engage the audience. Some of the most effective tools here include:Buzzsumo, Outdated Content Finder, and YoastSEO WordPress Plug-in.


TECHNICAL SEO TOOLS: These tools can help our business sites become fully optimized because they allow users to exploit the back-end of the sites. Some of the most popular Technical SEO-tools in the market include DeepCrawl, WooRank Plug-in and Screaming Frog.

LINK BUILDING TOOLS: Links play a critical role in realizing full ranking optimization because they can easily raise the site’s awareness and can make you an authority on any given subject. The effectiveness of linking tools can be enhanced using a strong content. Best freemium link building tools in the market include; Majestic Backlink Analyzer and MozSEO Toolbar and Buzzstream, which is a premium option.

Source: http://www.poweredbysearch.com/blog/mozbar-seo-extension-chrome-firefox/

LINK REMOVAL TOOLS: Link removal tools often come in handy, when your site is hit with a Google Penguin algorithm penalty. Under such circumstances, you can use link removal tool to reinvigorate your site, by replacing low quality links. The best link removal tools in the market include Cognitive SEO tool and Disavow tool.

RANKING TOOLS: Ranking tools will effectively help you know where your business ranks. These tools make it easy for you to track the most effective online marketing strategies. The information received can be used to maximize ROI, improve campaign focus and increase traffic. Some of the best web ranking tools include SEMrush, Authority Labs and the free Google Search Console.

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