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Attracting Dental Clients With Digital Online Marketing

The best aspect of the Internet is the way a particular type of internet browsing visitor can be attracted to a particular web site. The tools that can be deployed on the Internet that are used by Internet Marketers are made to grab the attention of a person who is specifically looking for a certain item or type of information.


Visitors can find Dr. Barbara Barnard Dentistry and compare it with the St. Laurent Dental Centre to decide which is best for them. Visitors want information and products to satisfy a need and improve the quality of their lives. This makes sense when there are ways to find anything, any facts or information about products, topics or services such as search engines.

Searching for something, someone, or some kind of research topic has become second nature for all of the computer literate public and they are now fully engaged in obtaining whatever each one of them wants The best dentists can offer their services on a web site and sell their services to local customers with great results. The local clients will continue to call after seeking out the local dentists with great dental care services. The Internet Marketer, uses pay per click banners and blogs written with Search Engine Optimization and the influence of the power of Social Media.


When a prospective dental patient starts a search on the Internet for a dentist in Scarborough, Ontario, they will easily find Dr. Stephen Weingarten. This is because Dr. Weingarten has a dynamic website that is crafted in just the way a web site should be to attract those specific local dental clients seeking out his services. He offers routine check ups, hygiene, periodontal disease treatment, orthodontics, implants and more. Mainly, he has the best tools to offer all consumers seeking dental care, exactly what they need to enhance their lives. Dr Weingarten is so easy to find because his website if the first one to top the search engine list when searching under his name. He may have implemented all the tools of online marketing in order to achieve this.


Another great dental service that operates in the Oshawa, Ontario area is Simcoe Smile Dental. This dental professional office offers Invisalign for orthodontic therapy. This practice is a general family dentistry that has the full range of dental services that are given by very friendly and reliable dental professionals. The type of service is given in a caring way. Many patients have put off going to the dentist because of budget or fear or both. They have years of dental work to be done to them. The great thing about these professionals is that they know exactly what to do for these patients and how to do it. They offer great comprehensive dental care that will make the patient comfortable and up to date with their dental hygiene and treatment in a very short time. There are financial options as well to help in paying for these vital services that are mandatory for a healthy, happy smile.


The Toronto area is blessed with great dental clinics such as the JaneClair Dental Clinic. It is easy to find her clinic web page as she is the first site to come up in a web search for dental clinics in her professional name. Other ways that the Toronto resident can find it is by doing a search for local dental offices in Toronto and the JaneClair Dental Clinic is one of the highest results on the search list. Why does this happen consistently? She has great features to attract web visitors seeking exactly what she is offering. She has blogs on her web site that are written with SEO in mind to attract the interest of prospective patients. She opens up with a sign up field to get the visitor to ask their question and offer their contact email and phone. Ohana has doen the same as Jane Clair’s with office locations, services and hours are also easy to find on that landing page.


Yet, Ohana Dental Clinic has a very nice landing page on the web with brilliant happy patient smiles and faces integrated with a list of services, contact information and information about the professional staff. There are navigation tabs to click on to get to specific information on the site such as contact, about and so one. This powerful strategic web design will keep the patient flow a constant in each dental practice that implements it.

Doctor David Bernstein has a great dental practice in Toronto, lays out the spectrum of his office environment from a happy friendly picture of the staff to the contact phone number and navigation buttons on the landing page. He also shows that he has many well-known sought after dental products to offer those visitors who are clicking around just to find them. Doctor Tom Harle has a specialized dental practice that he describes on his landing page introductory page that serves the impoverished Canadians in the local area with his Prosthodontic dental care. He spent a great deal of his early dental career he served the Aborigine in Australia’s rugged hinterland. Other such parts of the world are the Andes Mountains in Peru, Myanmar, Burma, Cambodia and North Korea.


The Newmarket Dental Office of Dr. Zofia Wojt delivers reliable, professional and comprehensive dental clinical products to all patients in the area with great long-term dental health and happy smiles. Along the same lines is the dependable practice of Dr. Lott’s Dental Office of London, Ontario. He posts his office hours, his contact information and has easy to follow landing page navigation tabs for various important items such as before and after photos, procedures and services and how to find them.

Dr. Barbara Barnard Dentistry has a fondness for cartoon dentistry which offers the way to find her services along with the Opencare. There is a link that shows the way to her site after offering other search options. The St. Laurent Dental Centre offers a great web site with a landing page for making appointments for a consultation so the products and prices can be discussed before getting the services. Of course evaluations are also available for appointments to know exactly what is needed to get update on long term and short term neglected dental care.

If you have already done all those tips, here are a few things you should NOT do:


Follow all the tips we’ve discussed. Attracting clients to your dental clinic will be as easy as a breeze.

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Dental Office Tips: What Drives Patients Away & What Keeps Them Coming

There are many reasons why customers may leave a dental office and choose another one. It is important to figure out why clients are leaving a particular dental office. Some experts believe that the internet plays a role. In an interview, Dr. Larry Emmott believes that:

“The Internet is overrun with customer review sites, and dentists are a favorite target.”
He urges that dental offices keep a close eye on what is said online regarding their office.

Other experts, like Dr. David Madow and Dr. Richard Madow, believe that it could be that marketing techniques are “boring.” What they suggest is sprucing up the way the dentists and dental clinics market themselves. This could be something as simple as writing a personal note on a business card instead of leaving it blank. The personal note could wish the patient a great day or offer a compliment. The Madow brothers believe that this will make it harder for patients to dismiss your card.

But are these the only reasons why clients are leaving a particular dental office? No. As mentioned earlier, there could be many reasons.

Understanding Why Clients are Leaving

Many doctors (across many fields) are afraid of losing patients, especially now with the recent pay cuts they have suffered. This does include some dentists. The fear is perfectly acceptable since many of these doctors own small offices and depend on the money from their practice. This makes every patient even more precious to a medical practitioner, yet many are losing them for one reason or another.

Sure, many dental offices admit that there are some reasons why customers leave that they have no control over. This could include things like death, a client moving away, or the recommendation of another professional by a trusted source. But this only accounts for about 18 percent of the customers that leave. There are 14 percent that leave because they are dissatisfied with the service provided at a dental office, and 68 percent leave due to poor attitude or indifference.
Here is an infographic that indicates the fastest ways to lose clients:


This means that a dental office can take steps to eliminate the reasons why clients leave. What should be understood is that this can be done.

How To Turn Things Around

There are few things that can be done to try to keep clients from leaving. One thing that might work is to over exceed expectations. Over exceeding expectations is all about under-promising and then simply giving more. Then customers will feel like they are getting much more than they expected.

A dental office can do this by offering a particular service that usually requires certain steps, like a full dental cleaning or something similar but withholding those extra steps. The dentist can then mention those steps as if they are extra steps, which will automatically make the client feel as if he or she is valued by the dentist.

The internet is another venue that needs to be used. This means that a dental office needs to optimize their website, start SEO-friendly blogs, social media, and make sure to search and eliminate negative reviews. It is also imperative that the SEO specialist hired understands that a dentist in Toronto needs all traffic to point to that particular region.

Dental Offices That Are Doing It Right

The following are a few offices who wanted to make sure that customers kept coming back for more. Keep in mind that these changes are not over-night changes, meaning they do take some dedication. Remember that these are just brief descriptions about what each dental office did.

Waterview Dental understood how to keep customers coming back. For one, they have revamped their online presence by updating their web page as well as monitoring sites like Yelp. Yelp is a review site where just about every business is reviewed.

Cosmo Dental Centre is another dental office that learned how to retain their customer base. This office developed a SEO blog section and offered more online services, which is necessary in this modern world.

Mint Dentistry decided to retrain their staff to be friendlier. And they used social media as well as their webpage to present themselves as a hip dental office. This dental practice understood the power of smiles and selfies.

Dentistry on King began to use blogs and decided to offer online services that some dental offices do not take advantage of, such as online appointments. The webpage has been focused on the region, and the team is focused on giving more than what customers expect.

Rosedale Family Dental Care offers and updated site that is both SEO friendly and mobile friendly. The staff is focused on smiling and being personable with every customers. There is a sense of family built-in, which makes it harder for customers to leave.

Davisville Smiles Dental updated their old website to something much more accessible and reader-friendly. The information is presented in small chunks, just like web readers like. The staff changed their focus; they are focused on being family-oriented instead of all business.

City Dental on Yonge is now using online services to lure new customers in. The site is mobile and tablet-friendly. The staff is actively using technology to accommodate appointments and other services. This is something that has helped the office.

Parkview Dental is a dental office that is now offering services beyond what most customers expect. Of course, this is just a marketing ploy, but it is an effective one. The site has also been updated and has an appealing look, which customers appreciate.

Runnymede Dental Centre’s site looks updated and much more professional. This makes customers feel like they are fully committed. A well-tendered website usually makes customers believe that the office will take good care of them, too.

Fort York Dentist has updated both their office and their website. The dental office created a synchronicity where both the site and office look upgraded. This makes customers think of cutting-edge tools and advanced dentistry, which is a good thing.

It is clear to see that a dental office can bring customers back, instead of losing them, with the right tools and a few suggestions.

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Online Marketing Campaign for Dentists: Find Out What Your Competitors Use

Smiling Dentist: How to Play the Online Marketing Game and Win

The internet can be a curse or a blessing depending on the business owner’s point of view. The internet gives people access. Accessibility has given way to an immeasurable amount of choices, which means that a business has a lot more competition to worry about.

How Important is Online Marketing?

There was a time when finding an oral specialist simply involved searching through a hard copy directory. Most people skipped the research and simply looked for the closest location to their home or job. Choices were narrowed down significantly, even if there were hundreds of places to choose from in one city.

The internet has given people access to all of the 210,030 professional oral care providers in the United States.

dentist Source:

Of course, most individuals will not travel city lines to visit a dentist, but the hundreds within a city are definitely within their grasps. People are also becoming more involved in their health. Some are looking for an oral specialist that has an online presence with real reviews. They may consider this before they even call an office.

This is why online marketing is vital for a business. As indicated in BrightLocal’s survey, 75 percent of all small to medium business owners say that online marketing has been fruitful. 32% says it has been very effective and 43% says online marketing is effective.

how effective-is internet marketing

Take Advantage of the Current Online Market

Many professionals are using the internet successfully, but the fact is 47 percent of all professionals (not just oral care providers) are not sure if they will increase their online marketing. And 16 percent of professionals have no plans of increasing their online marketing budget.

next 12 months

These facts make this one of the best times to get involved in online marketing. Remember that there is a lot of patience involved with online marketing. For example, it takes some time for a particular page to show up in the search engines. And, it takes longer for that particular page to get a high rank. Sure, there is some SEO optimization and backlinks that could be used to expedite the process, but it still takes some time.

Utilizing online marketing to its fullest potential makes an oral professional’s online presence more recognizable to potential clients. This should not be too hard to accomplish since many professionals still have not figured out how vital online marketing really is.

Spin What Works For Another Oral Care Provider

One tip that we always suggest is to use some of the marketing techniques that competitors in the field already use. These techniques have been successful for them, so they should work out for another in the same profession. These campaigns are usually successful, just as Anthony Kirlew points out:

“If you see your competition doing something as it relates to marketing, they are probably doing it because they are making money with it.”

This does not mean that innovation in online marketing is not encouraged, but replicating campaigns that have been successful is a smart move.

Consider some of the following successful campaigns:

Using an Informative Visual Presentation

Many successful dental campaigns have used infographics. Infographics are images that present interesting facts about dentistry or teeth to a potential client. The infographic should entice potential clients. The image might be linked to friends who may also find it interesting. The information presented may even go viral, especially if the information presented is unique.

The reason that this type of campaign works is because the information is easily digested and visually appealing.

Make a How-to Video for Potential Clients

One thing that we noticed is that search engines rank “how to” videos highly. Many dental care specialists have used videos to promote their businesses, which have been successful campaigns. Several of the oral care specialists who have used “how to” videos have focused on simple procedures they perform on their clients. This is to reassure their clients that the procedure is simple and that they are safe in their hands.

We suggest that oral care specialists consider producing videos that show a particular service that he or she performs on clients on a regular basis. It is also a good idea to look at what is popular at the moment, like showing a potential client how to use coconut oil as a mouthwash to decrease oral pathogens.

Using a video to professionally explain how to use a natural product and explaining the benefits might be a step in the right direction. This is because natural remedies are a rising trend, which can be used to promote the oral care professional’s services. We also suggest that the video is shot by a professional videographer and editor because quality matters.

Using Search Engine Localization

Another tool that many successful dental practices have used is a localization tool that is provided by some of the biggest search engines. This–in effect–puts a business in the search engine’s directory. Doing this gives that particular business a chance to be found over other businesses that have not yet joined that system.

Social Media Works Wonders

Social media is a world of its own and requires a lot of upkeep, but the rewards are endless. There are many ways to use social media, and it all depends on the way the dental specialist wants to tackle this particular tool.

There are photo-sharing social media accounts that may be helpful in spreading an oral care specialist’s business around. Or, he or she could use micro-blogging social media accounts to spread his or her business. All of these can expose a new business to more people, but it does require constant updating. So we suggest that a social media manager is hired for this particular task.

There are several other things that a dental professional must consider, but we suggest that he or she takes it easy. Take each task step by step; this should help an oral specialist reach his or her desired online marketing goals.

Tips For Marketing A Dental Clinic Online

Marketing is not what it was a short ten years ago. Some of the methods that people who have acquired degrees in marketing have quickly become outdated and are all but useless. The primary mode of advertising today is in the utilization of the Internet. The Internet is a powerful resources that connects a business with their target audience. For the dentist, that target audience is probably every single living American (unless of course one specializes in children’s teeth, in which case, the target audience is still very large). Of course, a dentist does not necessarily have the expertise in digital marketing. It is, after all, a complicated intellectual, academic discipline in which people can acquire graduate degrees. Fortunately, after years of trial and error, other dentists have found methods that successfully market their brand.

Pay Per Click

Pay per click
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People do not open the yellow pages to find businesses anymore. They use the Internet. If somebody wants to find a local dentist, they will turn to Google, as it is the most convenient option that is available. However, there is no guarantee that the practice of any particular dentist will be first in the results. There are several factors that are at play. That is what Pay Per Click advertising is for. It will put a company at the top of the search engine results, so that anybody in the local area who searches for “dentists” or related terms will find that office.


blog site
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Why should people choose one dental clinic over another? There are more factors at play than there were a few years ago. A dentist may have been able to publish a helpful pamphlet, but it would probably not be published very widely. Today, blogs are much more helpful. Patients want to know that the dentist that they are seeing is an expert. The industry is always changing and updating to provide optimal healthcare, and people want to know that their dentist is staying up to speed. Further, they want to learn news and information about the latest into dental technology. Blogging is helpful way to keep patients interested in a dental practice and develop a relationship that transcends doctor-patient. The dentist who puts information out there is an educator who is established as an expert.

As Dr. Lou Shuman, DMD pointed out, “A blog can be used as an extremely effective channel to promote new dental technology and cutting-edge products and services sold in your office, share in-depth information about specific treatments performed, or promote community events.”

Social Media

facebook page
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Everybody uses social media. Sites such as Facebook and Twitter are probably the easiest way that a company can connect with their target audience. Sometimes, individuals will find unexpected fame because they posted a video or a thread that many people found enjoyable. While one would probably not expect to develop viral content overnight, it is still necessary to use social media. Many dentists create a fan page dedicated to their practice. On this page, they will share helpful content, funny material, and anything that will keep the audience interested. Then, when somebody needs a dentist, the one who they see on Facebook all of the time will come to mind.

Search Engine Optimization

seo flow
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A website owner needs to focus their effort on two things. First, the quality of the content. Second, and equally important is the website’s search engine optimization (SEO). The search engine will be the primary method through which most traffic will come. They will be searching for good answers to difficult questions and come across something that the dental practice has published on their website. There are several important and always evolving criteria for SEO, and those criteria are different for different search engines (Google, Yahoo, and Bing). Many dentists have considered downloading a helpful plugin through their hosting platform (WordPress, Blogger, et cetera) that will guide them through the process.

Interact With The Audience

Responding to critics is a necessary part of any business. As Bill Gates famously said, “A dissatisfied customer is a learning experience.” If one customer is dissatisfied with some aspect of a business, one could expect that others might be dissatisfied as well. They would just be less vocal about their displeasure. The same principle applies to the dental practice. When somebody has a complaint or a negative review of some practice at the dental office, the wise dentist will listen to this individual and adapt accordingly. If the dentist receives a message on social media, they should respond to that message in a timely manner (even if the message is full of criticism). After all, 71% of consumers who receive a response to a complaint say that they would recommend that brand to others. While it may be unpleasant to read and respond to one’s critics, it is a necessary evil and will encourage potential patients.


Websites for dental practices need to have an aura of professionalism. The design will dictate the first impression that people have. If it is not crafted very well, is sloppy and difficult to navigate, people are going to have a low opinion of that dentist and will probably not want to be his or her patient. There is nothing compelling about the website. However, if the website is crafted well, professionally designed, people will think that this dentist is a professional and is worthy of their time.

There are several important considerations for designing a website. One needs to optimize the desktop background. They need to optimize the mobile background. Mobile browsers are becoming more prominent, especially with the popularity upscale mobile devices, such as the iPad. A good and functional website is necessary for dental marketing. It could define a brand in a very negative way.

Marketing can be a difficult endeavor. A dentist is not an expert in marketing. They are doctors. But with effort and research, many dentists have used the Internet to successfully brand their practices.