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Hiring Weird People is the Key To your Company’s Success. Find Out Why

Hiring is a constant struggle for every business. There is the need to find the “right” people for the job, which can be time consuming and taxing. After all, there may be countless applications for a single job opening. On top of all of this, there is the need to interview each candidate and determine who is going to be best.

Is there really a method behind hiring weird people for your company to be successful? You may be surprised by finding out that it could be the key you have been missing.


Why weird people? Ultimately, it’s important to ensure people fit into their work environment socially, emotionally, and intellectually. After that, it can be advantageous to have someone with a unique personality who can think outside of the box.

According to an interview with Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh, he runs the business with “a little weirdness”. It is one of the fundamental values and therefore he looks for people who can fit the atmosphere that he has created. Finding people who are a good cultural fit is critical to running a business smoothly.

Hiring people who are “weird” can take on various new and innovative strategies. Zappos, for example, will use video cover letters as well as online chats to be able to learn more about a person and whether they have the expertise needed to perform within the job.

Forbes has also shared articles on recruiting and the general view is that companies need to hire the best and the brightest in order to join a team. Creative recruiting ideas can bring in the people who are weird. Those who are not combing the “want ads” are looking for something a little different and therefore it can be wise to take a different approach towards recruitment.


The people who are often classified as “weird” tend to hang out with one another. When creating a weird workplace, it allows everyone to have a culture that they identify with. It leads to happiness. According to an infographic published in Forbes, companies with happy employees generally outperform the competition by 20%. They are also above industry benchmarks by approximately 2%. What does this mean for your business? Hiring weird could be the best decision that you have ever made.

There’s a lot of competition out there. It’s fiercer than ever and it often comes down to the companies who can provide the better customer service. This means not always relying on the computer and the automated services that technology has provided. Placing personable individuals in the roles involving customer interaction can make all the difference in the world. These people can create better solutions for difficult problems, and treat customers the way that customers want to be treated.

Branding is a major component of success in today’s day and age. Those who brand themselves and create a memorable experience are the ones that build a significant amount of consumer loyalty. By bringing in people who are weird and quirky, consumers will remember them. They will associate them with the brand that has been created and this can ensure that people remember your company.

The weird are often the creative and creative people have a tendency to find new opportunities. This means that they may be able to help a business to grow and find more opportunities within the marketplace. They can generally think outside the box, be committed, and be proactive when exploring the various opportunities. This can lead to employees being the greatest asset when it comes to printing out and being a successful business.

Finally, creating a different point of view within the workplace can be exactly what you are looking for. It creates a broader approach to the way that business is done. Challenging situations may be analyzed differently and new solutions can be implemented.


When you decide you want to hire weird people because they fit within the culture you have created and they prove to be memorable for customers, it’s important to know about the top companies that can offer recruitment solutions in Toronto.

PMC Recruitment offers building, technical and scientific, and IT solutions. They partner with top tier firms and organizations in order to provide positive results when it comes to hiring individuals for a variety of roles. The focus on giving clients a competitive edge.

IMS Group specializes in an array of fields, ranging from industrial to life sciences. They assist with full-time positions as well as obtaining contractors. They have been on the Toronto scene since 1996 and have insight that helps to screen candidates and take a unique recruitment strategy for each client they work with.

Vertex Recruiting Solution is all about overcoming talent management hurdles. We use the Lean 6 Sigma Process in order to work within a diverse workforce and exceed client expectations. Clients are the center of our universe and we leverage innovation and technology across our recruitment solutions.


The key to success is hiring weird people. As such, the goal is to work with a recruitment company who understands the diversity within today’s workplace. It requires knowing how to take an innovative and technological approach to finding qualified candidates. Recruitment is more than posting an ad in the newspaper. It involves active and unique recruiting strategies as well as ways to narrow down the options in order to ensure that those who are placed in front of the hiring manager are capable of performing the job and who have the personality to fit within the workplace culture that has been established.

There is no need for any company or organization to undertake their own hiring. Recruiting solutions are available throughout Toronto to help find the right employees and do so in a quick manner. Regardless of industry, innovative solutions can be implemented and multiple candidates can be presented for the open positions.

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