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What is “Quality Content” in SEO?


One way to make your business website relevant in today’s market is by featuring blogs. It is an effective inbound marketing strategy worth investment. However, you cannot call random articles you post on your website a “blog.” A blog is defined by original, quality content that stands a good chance of placing your brand at the top of the competition.

The purpose of this article is to enlighten you on what quality content is for SEO and marketing.

What Is Quality Content?

Quality content is essential to SEO success. Largely, it means having content that exceeds your site visitors’ expectations. If you sell online, attract more clients to your website by creating content that gives customers good reason to stay and browse through all your pages. Content is what influences the ranking of your website on Google’s and other search engines. To offer real value and increase your traffic, acquaint yourself with Google’s standards for quality content.

1. User Demands

Search engines check the quality of your content by determining if you provided what the user wanted. The Google’s core ranking algorithm that was rolled out in 2016 changed how quality content was considered regarding user demands. Gaming sites, for example, are ranked highly because they feature fewer texts, but fulfill what most gamers want. Content value is not necessarily about the text, but how the user responds to the content.

Consequently, if you want to rank better in SEO and marketing, understand your target audience and create content that is relevant to them.

 2. Create Attractive Key Content

The part of your website that features the primary purpose of your business or brand (including videos, texts, images, games, or reviews) should be well-crafted and written with expertise. While writing this part, try as much to stay away from using common phrases or content that is already available on thousands of other websites.


3.  Supporting Content

SEO demands content that is helpful and tailored towards the main purpose of your site/brand. The body of the text ought to help readers/customers find exactly what they want. Good content provides value to anyone visiting the website and encourages them to continue exploring the pages. One of the best ways to do this is by linking to other articles on your site.


4. Site Layout

Quality content and supporting information are not enough to garner high rankings or gain more traffic. How you present content is another determining factor. If your website is difficult to navigate, a user is likely to move to a competitor’s site. For this reason, a website needs design that:

  • Places quality content at the top of the page for easy accessibility
  • Ensures advertisements appear after the main content

Your web pages don’t (necessarily) have to be pretty; if they’re easy to navigate, you’ll get higher rankings.

5. Placement of Ads

Although they do not necessarily affect your rating, how you place advertisements is what matters. Beautiful design and good content should be followed by a clear line that shows what is content and what is a commercial advert. Design and organize your page appropriately.


6. Article Length

Quality isn’t necessarily determined by the length of the blog or content in your article. SEO is rewarded when you have information on your page that adequately satisfies what the user is seeking. The topic and purpose of the article are big “selling points.” A better way of knowing if your content is long enough is to check those that rank high on search engines (e.g. Screaming Frog).

7. Trustworthiness

Content that reflects expertise and trustworthiness are often associated with high traffic. This is because the two qualities make the information appear reliable. This implies you sell services or goods that are trustworthy. Your content demonstrates that your company is reliable. This is particularly the case with financial, legal, and medical marketing online. This aspect might get you positive reviews, which is a great way of attracting more new customers to your website.

However vague the term “quality content” may be in SEO marketing, it is imperative to:



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